Faith is certainty without evidence.

Do you want to end up like her?

He stole my purse from me.

Do you guys smoke?

It's better to stay in her mother's good graces.

We need to talk with you about something.

I wasn't honest with you.

Wait until tomorrow morning.

I'm kind of tired today.

He consented on the spot.

You'd better fight off sleep.

Friendship is the connection of souls.


There is a basket full of bananas on the counter.


The legislator talked at length with his constituents about beach erosion.


Skef is really having a good time.

Can you imagine what the 21st century will be like?

Emma can stay as long as he wants to.

This flower is yellow and the others are blue.

I can't do as he told me to.

Lyndon's unreliable.

We were starting to worry about you.


I don't know this problem altogether.

It's just not going to happen.

We need a new director to bring our company together.


Where's everyone going tonight?

A wise man profits from his mistakes.

As long as there's no meat, anything is fine.

I'll never tell anyone.

I think Josh forgot his camera.

I still need to talk to him.

I have bad eyesight.

Wasn't that nice?

And in many countries, where the animals are already under pressure because their homes are being destroyed by agriculture, things can get even worse.

The news isn't good.

We came up with a better plan.

He got out of the bathtub and shout "Eureka!"

You need to disappear before they find you.

Claudio's family owns this bakery.

My throat feels clogged up.

I'd like to bring that.

She has been busy preparing for her trip to the U.S.

Do you have something you'd like to tell me?

I have my reasons for wanting to go.

She had nothing to do with it.

Is that legal?


We're having some people over.


I'm afraid I don't have enough money on me at this time.

Everything was easy.

I told her it'd be better if she went alone.

This criminal is morally depraved.

The boy came around when we threw water on his face.

He has a crush on the girl next door.

We can't tell anyone about this.

What's your favorite free iPad app?

The soldier sacrificed himself to save his friend's life.

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He was caught in the clutches of the law.

I am heating the room.

She gave me a strange look.

I can hear Rafik playing guitar in his bedroom.

Matthias burped.

My wife went to the powder room to freshen up.

That news report is inconsistent with the facts.

I don't have a penny to my name.

I'm really bad with names, but I never forget a face.

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It's a small price to pay.

If you want to be happy, then be happy.

She poured the molten lead into a funnel.

Elwood will keep us informed.

I figured I could trust Shannon.

With regard to the matter in question, I will write to you in detail later.

New truth and knowledge always elevate human life and most usually find practical application.


I'll have time to file my nails while you're dressing.

I knew all along that he was telling a lie.

It is my burning ambition to make you prosperous.


Don't look at me that way, I haven't done anything bad.

I consulted her.

It's not appropriate to give tips in Japan.

Is Wayne fighting?

Saify wondered if Laurie would understand that.


Ricky is the type of person who likes to argue just for the sake of arguing.


I said all I had to say.

Suddenly, 100 workers were laid off.

Check this one out.

We must always be prepared for disasters.

I need to get a fax.

He is studying hard so that he may become a lawyer.

Mr Soarez has been my close friend for years.


Are you sure they won't talk to each other any more ?

I expect a phone call this morning.

I don't need reminding.

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I talked to her for an hour.

Make your room tidy.

She passed away peacefully in her sleep.

I thought you wanted a divorce.

Shean has been waiting to see what will happen.


This criminal is morally depraved.

Unless caught stealing, one is not a thief.

All who knew him admired him.

I don't think you did this by yourself.

I don't want to meet your parents.

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I asked Hui if he had a safe deposit box.


We're lucky that the weather is so nice.

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Brett reluctantly agreed to the proposal.


I wish Irfan had told us earlier.


Tell me you didn't take it.

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They had no choice but to leave.

Terrence asked Ami where she'd bought her computer.

The concrete layer of the nuclear reactor's shielding will be destroyed using controlled explosions.

It was Randal who first suggested that we hire Vicky.

He gave me a firm hand grasp.

I love to climb mountains.

We were never to see her again.

Let me introduce my wife.

Why don't you just go take a hike?


I have no quarrel with anyone here.

Either Pat is wrong or I am.

Are you sure we're on the right road?

She doesn't know how to swim.

Olof never opens that window.


We haven't increased our prices.

Go there with me.

I work among friends, and I live among books.

They asked me to make a speech on short notice.

Kevyn hasn't forgotten us.

Go see him.

I really don't know what to suggest.

Teachers should encourage students to develop their problem solving skills.

Hello, beautiful!

This is the second article in the series about plugin infrastructures.

I have to wake Vance up.

Samir sighed. A lot of things had happened to him recently.

You don't remember me, do you?

Can I park here?

Root can understand perfectly well.


I got acquainted with him three years ago.


Pedro neatly folded her clothes and placed them in her dresser drawers.

The speaker believes that overt expression of feeling for others helps people tap into their own repressed emotions.

I wanted to be here.

Triantaphyllos has a bad headache.

It was like something out of a movie.

You were both drunk.

Mason is always too sleepy for sex.

I'm certainly not the only one.

Where did Byron want to pitch the tent?


A carcase is not a box for a motorized vehicle.

I wrote a letter to my teacher.

I have plans.


How many books do you possess?


He is always learning new techniques and technologies.

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Joe and Caroline are looking after our dog.


Whenever you come home late, your parents will start harping you on it, and you'll find it unbearable. No matter how late it gets, they'll stay up just to wait for you. They should just go to sleep already, don't you think?

He spent a lot of time in Iceland.

It's a strange story, but every word of it is true.


Jorge asked me if I could lend him some money.

Bobby got married at 26.

I suggest you talk to Eva.

This war has produced countless fatalities.

He is not interested in art at all.


Jean's tattoo reads, "No gods, no masters!"


The cage is open.

There is a melon on the table.

I might not be able to help.

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What he is saying is very important.

Should you go to Scotland, would you please bring me back a wild haggis? Thank you.

How long has Edmond been around?