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Well, this site has not been updated for a very long time, but we have been very busy.

Firstly just a bit about us in case you hit the site and don't know who we are.

My name is Simon and I'm an applications developer for an insurance company based in Liverpool.  I grew up firstly in Stoke-on-Trent (UK) and moved to Plymouth when I was 13. I left Plymouth to go to Uni in Liverpool in 1993 where I scraped a degree in Physics.

Uni is where I met my now fiancĂ©e Ruth who was also on the Physics course and graduated a year later with a Master of Physics.  Ruth is originally from Oldham although she spent most of her later childhood growing up in Marple just outside Manchester. Ruth now works for an insurance broker also based in Liverpool.

We spent the last few years living just off Lark Lane in the Sefton Park area of Liverpool but have recently bought a house down the road in Aigburth and are currently renovating it.

Well that's enough information for now but we hope to keep the site up to date more often now we have more time! ;-)

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Personal Interests

I am interested in all forms of music from the sublime to the ridiculous and am a guitarist of 13 years but am not getting any better! I'm also interested in getting into electronic music and using apps such as Evolutions Gold and software wavetables.
I am an amateur PC enthusiast (very amateur, as may be seen from our first web page!), interested in all forms of PC knowledge from hardware to software uses and programming (good thing too as its now my job!). I've steadily built up a home network and now run Linux on a P333 as a router/firewall, Win98 on a P150 as a file backup server and printer/scanner server, and WinME and Linux on a PIII 666 dual boot system (in order to experiment with the different Linux distros). 
An ancient oriental board game involving placing Stones on intersections of a grid in order to surround territory and the opponents Stones. It is a very esoteric game of which the classic phrase is "A minute to learn, a lifetime to master". If you are interested in learning more about this incredible game we have included a link to the British GO Association's web page below.
Red (Ruth) is a sofa lover who finds that her favourite evening passtime is a night on the sofa watching TV. Simple pleasures!
I passed my CBT in April 1999 and got an MZ TS125 runaround. Made in 1979 from East German technology it needed a lot of loving care and also spent about three weeks in bits on our dining room floor whilst it was repaired. But repaired it was and was running OK. I sold this to a friend of mine who had it stolen from right outside his house!!!

I passed my full bike test in May 2000 and got a Yamaha XS 250 SE (see below), which I rode for three weeks and then wrapped around a tree in Wales. I did rebuild it (the front end was in a right mess) but its now off the road again as I have bought another bike.  I'm still looking to renovate the XS though when I get the time and money as it needs a new exhaust set and probably could do with the old mechanical timing unit replacing with an electronic one. It also needs the spark plug ports redrilling as I've managed to cross-thread both of them!!  Any suggestions as to spares etc would be much appreciated.

I've now got a 1983 Honda CB750 F2, which I've had for a year.  It's by far the best bike I've has yet as it's got a lot more power. We use it everyday to commute to work and it's only ever let us down when it's had a puncture or when one little local idiot climbed our back wall and ripped out the wiring trying to hot-wire it (I don't know what he was going to do with it then as he wouldn't have got it out of the back!).

Ruth recently passed her CBT (compulsory basic training for Non-UK'ers or Non-Bikers).  She's looking forward to the Yamaha being repaired as she'll be able to ride it if I can find some sort of restrictor kit.



256-510-9603                               310-304-5256


Honda CB 750 F2

We got cats! We went to an animal sanctuary (see below for address) and adopted a 2 1/2 year old called Ziggy and a six month old called Murphy. Both black and white moggy males, they have both settled in well in the last few months although Murphy keeps getting eye infections. Here are two pictures of our cats at last!
(956) 283-7268                   
9512054061                                                 Ziggy.

Animals in Need
Fur Tree Animal Sanctury
Spurriers Lane
L31 1BA
tel: 0151 549 0959 or 0151 526 3359

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