Do you have any last-minute advice?

When you are on the battlefield, who you are fighting for is the man next to you.

What's the difference between a duck?

There are flowers in the houses.


We're a married couple.

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I hope I'm not interrupting.


No one could work.

Are you in the middle of something?

That's why I came back so soon.

It's not for me to say.

They want you.

I don't smoke anymore.

I'm sterile.

Jin made it very clear that he didn't want us here.

We should come here more often.

Rajeev didn't bother to knock.

Did anyone see Teriann here yesterday?

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The cycle is repeating itself.


My dad's name is Fritz.

My father sent me abroad against my will.

Christie was very gentle.

He abuses his authority.

The picture reminds me of my student days.


Why don't you tell me what's really bothering you?


Ford was poorly educated.

"Your Majesty, Ganon and his minions are not in the house!" "Whatcha talkin' 'bout?"

I'll tell you what you should say.


Don't you ever go near my girl again.

Sure enough, the ghost appeared on the balcony.

We're choosing among those ideas.

I don't like to read Freud.

The long drought was followed by famine.


He sometimes makes dinner for us.

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That's a little hard to believe.

We only use our basement for storage.

I'm the only one who knows what needs to be done.

I'm awake now.

Am I disturbing you?

The bucket is full of water.

That was Perry you were just talking to, wasn't it?

Japan has become a powerful nation.

I smell coffee.


Olson started the car and put it in reverse.

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Sherman decided to stay at Mosur's.

What'll they do to him?

Tell her not to be late.

Can we hide in your basement?

You're local, right?

More than a billion people live in China.

Naresh didn't want Avery to see him smoking.

She is very nervous and is always ill at ease.

I'm quite sure Douglas won't want to do that.

There's someone outside.

She arranges the buying and selling of houses in and around Deal.

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From now on, try harder.

Hotta was surprised by the sight.

Why didn't you tell me you were sick?

This law does not apply in Japan.

Johnathan will catch us.


She said good-bye with a smile, but there was a good deal of bitterness in her heart.

My duty is always before me.

They wash their hands with soap.

Now Isaac isn't going to the market.

I didn't think it'd happen this quickly.

The coat is a bit too short. Can you lengthen it?

My father is busy just now.


We used to be neighbours.


They're in the garden.


Have you ever eaten insects?

I had a stabbing pain in my chest.

Can we interview her?


I will make him pay the money.


We exchanged phone numbers at the end of the gathering.


Shean treated me badly.

Were warning shots fired?

I can't stay here tonight.

You said Kristi was a flight attendant.

Hilda isn't in his right mind.

You should've apologized to Edmond for being late.

Sorrel, please respect other people's culture, if you want yours to be respected.

I'm not as creative as Sanjib.

My teacher told me that I didn't devote enough time to preparing my speech.

No one claims that he's a saint.

I carried the heavy bags back from the store chanting yo-hee-ho all the way home.

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Valentina Tereshkova piloted Vostok 6 and became the first woman in space.

Eva had been Ronald's best friend for as long as she could remember.

I want you to know you're forgiven.


The herb used in that pasta sauce might be parsley.

Aren't you a little young to be a doctor?

Anthony was esteemed by the Egyptians.


Try to rest your eyes.

I am absolutely fallible.

Can you give me the definition of a cone?

Are you guys actually finished?

He has all but finished the work.

People, like metal, only shine on the surface.

I saw them leave the coffee shop downstairs.

They say there will be a general election this fall.

I'm glad you said that.

I've been happy here.

I ate a papad.

He left his hometown at the age of fifteen never to return.

The second part of the book is much more difficult than the first.

It's pretty bumpy.

Clarissa never seems to feel the cold the way I do.

What're your recommendations?

It cost him 3,000 yen to get a haircut.

I didn't wake up yesterday

He used to come here for a talk on Sundays.

They stole her lunchbox and threw it out the window.

Juliet was imprisoned for life at a state penitentiary.

We must water the flower.

I've stopped buying meat there.

I've got it all figured out!

Can you please open this door for me?

I'm not good at math.

I don't like the smell of the perfume Jeannie is wearing today.

I want you to be an Einstein.

Try and get some sleep.


I know I can do it.

He would do whatever it takes to make money.

Some animals are very good at climbing.

Why are you barefoot?

The people of Boston hated the British soldiers.

Welcome back. We missed you.

The pilot seemed unfamiliar with the jet's advanced electronic systems.


Besides, I didn't want to get you involved.

I don't know why I didn't think of that earlier.

These two factors are independent of each other.

Did you see anything else?

Those girls are very busy.

After dinner, I plan to take a bath and go to sleep.

I don't feel very good about this.


Maybe I should help them.

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How are things at the office?


I forgot to do my homework.

A little breeze is blowing.

Several children are playing on the sandy beach.

He wrote a book while in China.

Nowadays children do not play outdoors.

I was quite busy.

He was the idol of children.

It's doable, but not easy.

He knows that you know.

I just want to do something fun.

Ukraine became independent again when the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991.

Would you like to go see a movie or something?

Esperanto exists despite the 'Esperantists'.


We laughed at them.

Michael is very good at poker.

I was the first to sign up.


I shall want an explanation of your behavior.


Trace elements of proven dietary importance do not include polonium-210.

I tried to learn this song by heart.

I don't want to come to Boston.

You expect me to know this stuff?

This place is near the sea.


The fires got out of control.

Where do you wish you were right now?

I don't want to see anything else.

Why doesn't he call me anymore?

Initially I found it difficult to deal with my new environment.

I soon got accustomed to speaking in public.

They're going to kill me.

The current national anthem of Georgia was accepted in 2004, when Saakashvili came to power.

I'm sorry to disturb you, but there's a phone call for you.


All prayer is dictatorial.