It isn't a problem as long as I come back into the room right after finishing smoking, is it?

He sprained his ankle trying to jump off this wall. What a fool he is!

We must study the affair as a whole.


What Chinese restaurant do you go to?


I was wondering when you'd show up.

I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.

Knowing you I'm ready for anything.

We haven't had much rain this year.

You don't believe them, do you?

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This is a sick joke.

The mountain is famous in myth and legend.

Who's taking responsibility for this?

I had to lie to him.

Thierry is not in hospital.

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The fire engine is on its way.

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These seem interesting.

I'm very happy for her.

Speaking of travel, have you ever been to Australia?

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We have the ability to remember.

Ric left his car unlocked.

An old pond. A frog jumps in. The sound of water.


Nothing special happened.

Go straight on.

We're all waiting.

Morton needs money to buy some textbooks.

The boy was sold into slavery.

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I was locked out! There's got to be something fishy going on.


The Bible sells more than one million copies every year.

I thought you might feel like an early lunch.

Venkata was in the garden.

Gunter keeps getting hurt.

How many times have you gone?

This is the last time I'll apply this ointment on my skin.

The train has just gone.


Matthew asked Hirofumi if she wanted to go to the restaurant.

Tell them in person.

Herve has done his best.

They shot him.

Bill praised Doug for always being on time.

Strange things happen.

I cannot read the book in so short a time.


The sagacious serpent told the silly unicorn what to do.


I thank you for the trust that you have expressed in me.

He is a fox of a man.

There's a lot of glare.


They're good people.

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I want to send a parcel to Japan.

How did you get your job?

Be sure to look us up when you're in town.

This point will be discussed tomorrow.

It's raining hard outside.

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I said I wasn't hungry.

That's Norma's job.

My mother warned me not to follow in the footsteps of my brother.

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I have not been feeling well for two days.


Most people form opinions the same way they get colds - they're infected.

He must be a fool to do such a thing.

Leif isn't old enough to go there by himself.


I had no idea there were so many people in the other room.


How to thank him in Turkish?

Everyone's watching her.

She called her children into the room.

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He looked her in the eyes.

Say anything you want to say.

How do you like the climate of Japan?

Her hair grayed with suffering.

They do that to everyone.

Well do I remember the day you were born.

Good God!

I didn't even notice you were there.

The doctor prescribes it once a month.

I lent him a magazine.

I still don't think I'm wrong.


Is it safe to eat a pig's eyeball?

I thought Jimmy did a great job.

She couldn't convince him to come back home.

That guy's got a big mouth.

We want some advice.

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Be seeing you!

At the car wash next to the shopping mall.

I owe my life to him.

Molly has a big watch.

I can't give up on my dreams.


She is not so insensitive a girl as to laugh at a funeral.

I've always wanted to be a father.

Have you used it yet?

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I am content with my job.

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They were late for dinner.


I'm going to tell you this just once.

The milk was adulterated with water.

Tricia couldn't do anything about it until much later.


Adam went to see Tao early yesterday morning.


What is the teacher's last name?

Ole burped.

Go ahead and say so if it hurts.

I used those flowers to spruce up the house.

You should get to know Jeffrey.


Hon currently lives in Australia.


Ahmed knew immediately that something was wrong.

I couldn't restrain a smile.

We're not supposed to tell Rex about the party.

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Space has stopped going to school.

I was in such a hurry that I left my bag behind.

This is a long-standing problem.

You have arrived at the bottom.

He likes this book.

I'm so confused right now.

I knew it would be painful.


I'm not going to tell.

There is no water in the well.

In the south of China, the situation is different.

Patricia didn't say a word about it.

It wasn't my idea to hire him.

My name is Robert Johnson.

Dani wanted to meet me.

Are you going to eat?

He was very gifted and talented.


The young man was disappointed in love.


Space colonists thought that language was an important aspect of their lives. They sought an appropriate language.

The heat was responsible for the meat going bad.

What kind of books do you read?

She allowed me to leave.

Really smart, that Sphinx!

I'm going for help.

You worry too much about what other people think of you.

Both Herb and Ro wanted to visit John in the hospital.

I'll drive to Boston tomorrow.


Dying's nothing. Start instead by living - not only is it harder, but it's longer as well.

I can't believe how good this is.

As the years progressed, Newton completed his work on universal gravitation, diffraction of light, centrifugal force, centripetal force, inverse-square law, bodies in motion and the variations in tides due to gravity.

Miela started to cry when her teachers came.

Look me up sometime.

How fast the train runs!

What's the Italian pronunciation of this word?


When she saw the lengths he'd gone to to get all dressed up, she couldn't help letting a brief chuckle escape.

I don't think you'll like this.

He's stark naked.


I made Jerald an offer he couldn't refuse.


He drank a shot of whiskey.


The fireman rushed into the burning house.

Juan has three kids.

I prefer rice to bread.


By signing the contract, I committed myself to working there for another five years.

I'd rather not go into it.

It wasn't a maintenance problem.

Do you want to leave here?

I guess everyone was lying.

Advertisement is a skill of convincing people to spend money they don't have on things they don't need.

Ninja was always secretive.

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Simulations can't always prepare you for the real thing.

She may well be proud of her smart son.

Having once tasted ink, she became thirsty in that regard, as tame tigers are said to be after tasting another sort of fluid, and wanted to sign everything, and put her name in all kinds of places.

My first impression of him proved to be correct.

Cato preferred to be a good man rather than seem like it.

We will evaluate them and send you the results of our findings as soon as we can.

The problem is that Piercarlo has no alibi for the night of the murder.

Vivek has won the prize.

To the professor, she was a joy to teach.