Joining Mowjow is super easy, just download the app from the Apple or Google Play app store and sign up for free.

You’ll need to login using your Facebook account to play – but don’t worry, all your info stays with Facebook – and then you’re all set to start playing…see you in there!

No worries, it happens to everyone, it’s not a big deal, you’ll be playing again in no time.

Because all Mowjow players sign in using Facebook, you’ll have to visit (269) 966-5784 and follow the onscreen instructions to reset your password there.

Once you’ve done that, open the Mowjow app again, and sign in as normal with your new Facebook password.

Of course you can! What good is a personal profile if you can’t update it with your latest, greatest ‘selfie’, or change your username, every once in a while?

Just hit the ‘settings’ button in the menu and tinker away to your heart’s content.

Yes. Mowjow operates with the highest security and privacy standards, and we use the very best technology to keep your details safe.

However, you are responsible for keeping your Facebook username and password secret and all activity in your account.

Remember that Mowjow will never email you and ask for your password or other sensitive information. Please report any such requests to us as they will not have been sent by us.

We’ll always ask for permission before we share your details with any third parties -like logistics companies who deliver prizes – but you can find out all about that in more detail by reading our Legal page.


We’d be sad to see you go, but understand that sometimes people want to close their accounts. To do so, simply email help@mowjow.com and we’ll send you a link to access within the game.

Some of our business partners use cookies and tracking technologies on our platform. We use this information to continuously improve the Mowjow experience.

You can read more about these cookies at mowjow.com/legal.

You need to be over 18 to play Mowjow.

We have a responsibility to not knowingly collect or keep personal information about people under 18.

If you are aware of a person under 18 who has created an account, then please email us at 734-610-2967 and we’ll investigate.

Anyone, anywhere in the world can play Mowjow for fun if they’re over 18.

Each time you log in to play a prize tournament, you might be asked to confirm your location. This allows us to block users who are legally prohibited from playing in certain countries.

Of course, you can – as much as you like. Just tap ‘Start a Game’ inside the app to get started.

You can play as a single player, challenge friends or play in a tournament without prizes.

You can also earn tickets that allow you to take part in cash or prize tournaments.


Congratulations! You’re only moments away from having the chance to win some seriously awesome prizes.

Click on the link your friend sent you and then take a moment or two to sign up to Mowjow.

You’ll need to sign up using your Facebook account details and then you’re all set to start playing.

Our highly advanced quiz engine makes sure that the questions get harder as you progress through tournaments. We also make sure that every player answers the same questions in each round, to make it a completely fair fight.

The quiz difficulty increases as you progress through the quiz… but don’t worry, you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to win.

We have a whole team dedicated to researching and writing questions. They’re trivia nerds who love nothing more than compelling quiz gameplay.

Mowjow uses the very best security technology and operate with the highest security standards to ensure your game is always safe. We use the same encryption system as that used in online banking.

This means no data can be viewed by outside parties. It also means data is transmitted securely at all times, from any location, including on mobile devices.

Inviting your friends to join you on Mowjow. You can send them links via Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Email, and SMS from inside the game. If they sign up using your link, you’ll both get 10 prize tournament tickets as a reward.

Sure, you can share your achievements including game wins, rankings, and category performance, on any of your connected social media accounts by hitting ‘share’ within the game.

Sure, find them in your friends list, tap on chat, and send them messages. It’s easy.

Sure, you can play our free challenge or tournament games purely for the glory – or even just to practice. But don’t expect to win anything other than the respect of your opponents and 5 tournament tickets.

Our free games are a great way to show off your quizmaster chops, as every answer impacts on your position on the Mowjow leader board.

Getting started is super easy just visit mowjow.com from any smartphone, tablet or computer and sign up for free.

Each game has rounds of 10 picture questions chosen at random from a whole bunch of pop culture topics – so start swatting up on everything from Animals to Zoolander!

Each question only has one right answer, and you win by correctly answering the most questions in the quickest time – have you got what it takes to win?

To make it a fair fight, we put you up against players of a similar standard. Sometimes there aren’t enough people as smart as you playing, so we store your scores and wait for others to join the tournament. This means you might have to wait for players to finish your tournament …especially if you’re a bit of a ‘clever clogs’!

Simply tap ‘challenge’ in your Mowjow dashboard and search for the player you want to invite. You can challenge one of your Facebook friends or a random Mowjow player – they’ll be notified either way.

All the games you’re currently competing in. If you’re still in it to win it, then the game will still appear on your active games list.

You can be challenged to a head-to-head game by either a Mowjow friend of Facebook friend. To win, simply answer more questions correctly than your challenger. If it ends in a tie, then we’ll decide the winner based on the time it took you to answer them.

The idea behind any of the Mowjow games – like challenges, custom quizzes, free tournaments, and prize tournaments – is to answer the most questions in the quickest time. If you manage that, then you win.

Play 3 rounds against random players – win all three rounds to be crowned champion…but remember free tournaments are just for fun…and the chance to win a few tournament tickets.

Our amazing prize tournaments see you compete against others in several rounds to win gadgets, holidays, or even cars. If you get through to the final round and win, you’ll get to take home the prize. It costs one ticket to enter the tournament. You can get 10 tickets every time you invite a friend to play Mowjow.

Custom quizzes give you the opportunity to challenge your friends to play in a quiz you’ve created. You’ll be in control of how many rounds you play, the question categories and who’s invited. So you can join in the fun, we’ll provide the questions for you.

Custom quizzes are just for fun. The only thing you’ll win are the bragging rights amongst your friends after you’ve been proven to be the smartest amongst them.

It’s as simple as it sounds. To play Mowjow prize tournaments you need a ticket to take part.

You need at least one ticket per tournament round – no ticket, no play.

No, silly. You have to win a tournament to win a prize!

Nope. You can’t exchange, purchase, swap, or cash in on your Mowjow tournament tickets.

We use the same ELO rankings system as they do in Chess, Boxing, and International Football, to help us work out who are the top Mowjow players. The leaderboard is where you can check out exactly how good a player you are in comparison to everyone else.

Your rating is based on your overall performance in the game and represented by your position on the leaderboard. It can go up and down based on how well you play. It’s a great way to determine who is the ultimate Mowjow player and make sure you’re challenging yourself against players of a similar standard to you.

As soon as you’ve played your first game on Mowjow you’ll automatically be added to the leaderboard. As you continue to play, your rating will go up or down based on how well you play in comparison to other people.

To improve your position, you need to up your game. Start answering more questions correctly in a shorter time to win rounds and knock out other players. The more you do this, the higher up the leaderboard you’ll go.

We’re creating rewarding mobile gaming experiences that are set to thrive for years to come within a fast-growing global market.

Mowjow is a uniquely rewarding quiz game that promotes feelings of enjoyment, smartness, and excitement, to keep players coming back for more.

Founded by Norwegian Entrepreneur and Investor Andreas Christensen, our international team is guided by their experiences at industry defining companies like Google, YouTube, SAP, and Merrill Lynch.

Mowjow is a mobile gaming company. We are in the sweet spot between mobile gameplay and advertising, combining rewarding gameplay with meaningful brand experiences.

While still retaining offices in its native Norway, Mowjow has its headquarters in London to be at the heart of the thriving tech scene.

We’ve developed a revolutionary new kind of advertising that creates a meaningful interaction between our players and selected brands, while at the same time enhancing gameplay.

Our non-invasive ad formats give key advertisers the opportunity to target specific audiences with incredible granular control. They’ll connect with them on a much deeper level than conventional advertising and boost overall engagement across their campaign.

Discover how Mowjow advertising can help you by visiting business.mowjow.com for more information.

We have an innovative reward scheme for people who bring their influence to develop our player community. It’s called Fusion Graph.

If you’re a blogger, social media star, celebrity, marketer or the big man on campus, then we want to reward you for bringing and engaging your audience.

Whether you invite people to play from inside the game, or use your own platform to influence your audience to join, Fusion Graph functions like a multi-dimensional radar to track everything you do and instantly reward you for it.

You’ll earn a fixed initial commission on revenue generated from every person you invite, and you’ll earn a further commission for every person they invite, and so on, with no limits.

Your commission drops by one third for every degree of connection you add, but the more value you and your audience bring, the more you are rewarded. The Fusion Graph is revolutionary, with no top-end cap, so your potential is truly unlimited.

Visit 6038810261 to find out more about our influencer opportunities.

We’ve already attracted more than 600 investors to our revolutionary gaming company. We welcome further interest from both individual equity investors and venture capital firms.

You can buy shares online at any time or request a meeting if you’d like to talk through the opportunity in more detail.

Find out more about investments at investors.mowjow.com