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Who We Serve

The majority of clients we serve are privately held mid-market companies across a range of industries including: business technology (IT related), manufacturing, publishing, and healthcare.

Who We Are

We are experienced “hands-on” consultants. We have worked for top-tier consultancies in the past and – equally important – each team member has held significant extended management or leadership roles outside of the consulting arena.

What We Do

Our focus is on working with clients to create “step-change” improvements in EBITDA. We accomplish this by accelerating revenue growth, reducing costs related to outside spend, and improving employee productivity.

While each client has unique needs, we are typically retained in the following situations: post acquisition (stand-alone or integration), preparation for sale, turn-around, and when there is simply a need to jump-start or enhance growth.

Our engagements are execution-driven and results-oriented. We address identified opportunities with small teams led by our consultants. The teams complete targeted analysis in support of a series of “go/no-go” decisions that are then prioritized and acted upon. We carefully track and report on outcomes throughout the process to ensure the targeted results are achieved.

Developing solid, trust-based, working relationships with the entire management team is central to the success of our engagements.


"Through a diligent and framework based approach, Inside Consulting was able to not only identify, but deliver on close to a million dollars of incremental revenue that went straight to the bottom line. It is one thing for a consulting group to identify highly impactful projects but quite another to deliver on them. Inside Consulting did both by working hand-in-hand with management to achieve results that exceeded our initial estimates. We continue to use the methodology and lessons learned through the work we did with Inside Consulting, which has enabled us to realize benefits long after the initial project ended."

− Rick Moore, Vice President Sales & Marketing, hosting.com

Client Success Stories

Rick Moore, CEO


Tony Hughes, CFO


Jim Akerhielm, CEO


Preparation for sale – $150 million Cloud Services Provider

“The work that the Inside Consulting team has done in remaking our expense structure and ultimately our business model was remarkable. Rick and his crew are some of the smartest people I have ever worked with.”

Art Zeile — Chief Executive Officer

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The investors in a top tier Cloud Service Provider were in the process of preparing the company for sale. Inside Consulting was retained to lead an initiative to rapidly improve EBITDA and enhance revenue growth.

We took a very hands-on approach in working closely with management to identify and implement profit improvement initiatives. We reduced outside spend, selectively shifted labor to lower cost markets, improved technician productivity, and increased revenue from their customer base by improving revenue retention and inside sales productivity.

All told, together with the client’s management team, we delivered $7 million of improved EBITDA run-rate (+25%) and added 2 points of annual revenue growth over a 16-month period.

Turn-around – $500 million construction materials business

“Time and again our improvement targets were greatly exceeded due to Rick and his team’s creative, outside the box thinking. They changed how I think about managing our outside spend.”

Derek Taylor — Chief Financial Officer

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The demand for construction materials collapsed following a major market downturn in the US economy. Inside Consulting was retained to help the management team turn around their business. We worked closely with the CEO, CFO, and SVP of sales as well as mid-level managers to identify, prioritize, and capture rapid EBITDA improvement initiatives.

Over a 12 month period we compressed outside spend (procurement-led initiatives), improved manufacturing efficiency (consolidated footprint/ improved plant level productivity), and turned the revenue trajectory from negative to positive by shifting the sales and marketing focus to relatively underpenetrated products and markets.

As a result, EBITDA improved from a $12 million loss to just above break-even during a major market downturn.

Jumpstart Growth – $200 million Healthcare IT company

These guys {Inside Consulting} coming in the door is the best thing that has happened to our business in 10 years.  It has really created a paradigm shift in my team.

Mike Hoganson — President of Operations


Earnings growth had been stalled for nearly 12 months.  We worked with management to quickly identify and prioritize opportunities to compress outside spend and improve revenue. On the cost side, we reduced demand for outside services and goods, renegotiated vendor contracts, and implemented several design-to-cost initiatives. On the revenue side, we improved service contract renewals and optimized spare-parts pricings.

All told we added over $8 million to EBITDA over a 12-month period.

Richard Condon


During his 20-year career, Rick has helped clients transform their businesses in a range of industries.  His clients are generally privately held mid-market companies (or equivalent business unit size) that are looking to accelerate (restore) earnings growth, improve along pre-defined performance metrics (such as average time to market, lead generation and conversion rates, material cost, etc.), or to successfully implement a strategic initiative.


What mattered most to him was reliably delivering improved year-over-year measured results that were important to clients.  This was generally, though not exclusively, earnings and revenue growth. To this end, Rick started Inside Consulting, Inc. in 2005 where his team focused on business performance improvement in a variety of contexts including:  optimizing EBITDA for company sale, company turn-around, focused cost reduction (mostly outside spend), revenue enhancement, and operational due diligence.

Before starting Inside Consulting, Rick began his career as a Lieutenant in the US Navy Nuclear Submarine Force, where he was awarded multiple commendations for his service.  After earning an MBA, he then consulted for McKinsey & Company in their Minneapolis office, where he helped range of Fortune 500 companies develop their business strategies.  He subsequently joined Thomson Reuters as the Director of Global Strategy and was later promoted to Vice President of Marketing for one of Thomson’s high growth publishing businesses.


Rick graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota, completed a Masters equivalent in Nuclear Engineering from the US Navy, and received his MBA with honors from the University of Chicago.  In 1998, he received Naval Nuclear Engineering certification.

Mac Hodell


Mac joined Inside Consulting in 2016.  He has worked in the management consulting industry for over 15 years, including seven years with the Boston Consulting Group.


His consulting experience spans multiple sectors:  from financial services to B2B technology firms to healthcare.  Mac’s work has focused on strategy development and implementation, often in the context of organizational restructuring/ turnaround programs, sales force effectiveness programs, or operational efficiency/procurement optimization.

Mac’s prior background as a combat-arms military officer honed his ability to form and lead diverse teams to accomplish tough tasks in dynamic environments.  In his consulting work, Mac specializes in leading cross-functional and integrated (client + consultant) teams to diagnose issues and prioritize improvement initiatives thru fact-based analytics.

While with the Boston Consulting Group, Mac attained the grade of Principal early and received several awards for client service, innovation, and team development.  While with MWH Global, Mac was the VP of Strategy and Business Development and led a restructuring of a $1.5B global engineering consultancy, winning industry recognition. Before pursuing management consulting, Mac served as a US Army Infantry Officer where he was a Rifle Platoon Leader, Company Executive Officer, and a Battalion Personnel Officer.

Mac graduated from the United States Military Academy (West Point) with a Bachelor’s in Quantitative Economics and he obtained his MBA with honors from the Wharton School.

Examples from recent consulting projects include:

  • COGS OPTIMIZATION- SOURCING: Led seven-month project to compress outside spend for Cloud Hosting Provider.  Secured annual run-rate savings of $2.1M through targeted reductions in software license costs and technology vendor price reduction.  Achieved savings while largely remaining with incumbent providers and while strengthening vendor relationships.
  • COGS OPTIMIZATION- SOURCING / SALES COMMISSION DIAGNOSTIC: Led multiple categories over four-month project to compress outside spend for a Technology Reseller / Managed Service Provider.  Secured cost compression of ~30% of addressable spend, with annual run-rate savings of $1.8M+ through targeted reductions in software license costs, technology spend, travel costs, and administrative/back office costs.  Also conducted salesforce commission diagnostic highlighting sales force productivity enhancement opportunities. 

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