I ran into Mr. Yoshiyuki at Shibuya station.

The transfer student in the other class is a super good looking guy.

Expect the unexpected.

If we took a rest, our moods would certainly feel refreshed.

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By what age do you want to get married?

Her face turned white.

The machine is lying idle.

Injuries are part of the sport. You cannot say a player's loss "doesn't count" because he was not in top form due to an injury. Avoiding injuries is just another important skill to be learned.

Let's give Radek a minute.

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We're managing all right.


They're investigating a crime.


Gary might not go with us.

What are they looking for?

I didn't like them.

She passed away yesterday afternoon.

As a last resort, we can get Tim to help us.

All men die. Jianyun is a man. Therefore, Jelske will die.

Are you doing anything special?

I think of her day and night.

Are you enjoying it?


I'll try and reason with Holly.

He kept singing.

Rich was the one who discovered the body.

Your advice is always helpful to me.

Damone staggered to his feet.

Bob operates an elevator in the department store.

Ravi knew why Jesus was studying French.


I converted the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius in my head.

Butler hasn't seen the video yet.

I will not even cry one tear.

Anton and Earle are cousins.

Miki is smiling.

Jean is the best player the team has ever had.

Several of the original signatories, notably the countries with the largest military forces, declined to consider a new treaty.


That child is always fretting.


My mother lives a lonely life in the country.

Where did you train them?

I'm sneaky.


I worked until seven yesterday.

Brad has been driving all day.

What does this even mean?

You can keep this one for yourself.

Leslie is still thinking about whether he should go or not.


He lost no time.

I know it's in here somewhere.

It was not a complete victory.

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Mother went shopping at the department store.

She looks young, but actually she's older than you are.

He is a man of wit.

The joke is on them.

Go to sleep now.


We need a watchdog.

He tried to hide what was really going on.

I'm afraid I have neuralgia.

Rolfe climbed into his car.

Dory has already eaten supper.

I'm just trying to get out of here.

What do you say to waiting five more minutes?

Prices include shipping!

I don't remember doing anything like that.

In a packed bus, it would infuriate me to miss my stop on account of other passengers.

Sidney can't survive alone.

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We got what we asked for.

It's Mt. Rushmore.

Many of today's young adults are drowning in credit card debt which most of them will never be able to pay off.

I'm planning to drive to Boston next weekend.

He went running by me.

Mario bore the pain stoically.

Eli yanked the curtains closed.


Calvin has yet to be found.

I like to go to the movies to see foreign films.

I'll let you know beforehand.


Who is the tallest of the five?

Kathy wanted to get married to Clay.

One gladiator's weapon of choice is the mace, while the other's is a sword.

Ask him when he will come back.

The horses are unsettled about the gunshots.


Do you feel bad?

I'll wait with you.

We're sad.

I just want her to get well.

It was next to the door.


What's the movie about?

I got acquainted with him last night.

We are two men short.

Let me sleep.

Special services include a personal driver for each guest.


She sews with a needle and thread.

Where's Roger staying?

I promised that I would send him a letter.


I found him working in the garden.

Pim doesn't like grapefruit.

She gave me a snippet of information which is top secret.

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Jerrie gave me another chance.

It was yesterday that Jose bought this skirt.

That's not her.

My name isn't really Marguerite.

I'm not saying that you're ignorant.

Obviously there are many variations between these two extremes.

I watch television after supper.

How can rattlesnakes localise their prey and track it through grass and bushes, after they wound it, if they're fully deaf?

I think what you just did is illegal.


I believe we've seen enough.


Today is an unlucky day, isn't it?

Who is that pretty girl?

I went ahead and ate your dinner since you weren't here.

Holly can take his time. Tell him there's no need to hurry.

I've been watching baseball.

I never thought it would be so easy.

He is as tall as any boy in his class.

Kenn doesn't appear to agree with you.

What would happen supposing the earth stopped spinning?

Have they ever told you that you dress terribly?

Whatever you may do, you must do your best.

I like music very much.

What has happened to you?

Kemal doesn't often stay out late at night.

There wasn't a living soul there.

Perhaps it is only in childhood that books have any deep influence on our lives.

We can't blame anyone else.

I spent the whole week in Boston.

That's not part of the plan.


We're not supposed to be here.

I'm afraid I must say goodbye.

Nowadays, however, calculators can be used freely in school examinations, and already in many schools the only sound to be heard during a math exam is the sound of children tapping on their calculators.

I accidentally saw her naked.

Could you put your cup on a coaster?

The furniture was dusty.

Let's ask Alvin what we should do.

I will read a book.

I'm not your lab assistant.

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I thought you wouldn't mind.

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I did it for you.

I'd be crazy to expect such a thing.

He knows he acted badly.


As was often the case with him, he came late.

During a flight, an airplane's weight constantly changes as the aircraft consumes fuel.

He's a rebel.


Leslie leaned on Clifford's shoulder for support.

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They appointed a judge.

The jury found Theodore not guilty.

I never really thought of it like that.


Everything would be easier if we could float.

I'm just doing it for the dragon's blood.

Mac is absolutely right.

Len is headed this way.

Are you going to be there?

The two countries were leagued with each other.

It was so cold that we lost the use of our hands.

I don't care for the way he talks.

Even though Sir didn't win the race, he doesn't seem too disappointed.

It looks like they have made up again.

I was talking about Oskar.


She is unwrapping her birthday present.

A teacher's job isn't easy.

Are there any sights you would recommend we see?

Money takes a long time to earn, but you can spend it in no time.

It was careless of you to leave the key in your car.

I'm married to Lori.

We are to have met yesterday.

I thought you loved him.

Bob will be home at six.


In many shops and businesses discounts are now given to senior citizens.


Why aren't you dressed yet?

I'm worried about you, too.

Violence at school is blamed on immigrants.

They lived very well without working very hard.

He looked into the box.