I felt I had to stay.

That hen hasn't laid any eggs at all, lately.

We've been trying to contact you all week.

How did work go?


Four eyes are better than two.

Where is the meeting room?

I'm not paying for this.

Nici tried to put the incident behind him.

I predicted Raymond would lose.

They came to our aid at once.

It's a wonderful idea, but it'll take a lot work.

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We need flour, sugar and eggs to make this cake.

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Everything's better.

Oh, that you could learn to see clearly! That the film might be removed from your eyes!

Look, my dog is not as dirty as yours.

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Dorothy isn't in the office.

We fight a lot.

I wish you'd tell me what's going on.


Glenn has time.

Her name is Glen.

I write short sentences in Swedish.

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She has a lot of experience team teaching.

By chance, I met her in the street.

That's only half the story.

The boughs of the large tree overhung the pond.

There are many sights to see in Kyoto.

Colin is still under age.

We should judge matters on a broader basis.

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Johnathan is psychic.


One could feel that Mr. Delbert Jackson was aggressively anti-American.

Arthur said he wanted to do something he'd never done before.

You know, I've never seen you with a guy before.


He was bidding for popular support.

I think we should go straight to Boston.

Please pay a deposit of two month's rent.

Duane is the guy I was telling you about.

The new method is well worth consideration.

Sally was paroled last month.

My son likes outdoor sports, such as baseball, tennis and soccer.

I didn't know what to do after that.

Stanley packed everything in a small suitcase.

He seems to have something to do with it.

Let me give you my business card.


I couldn't bear the thought of it.

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It was this book that I borrowed from him.

They were satisfied.

You'd better wait until Eddie gets here.

I wish we had more people like Kristian.

They're going to stay a while with them, aren't they?

I'm free this evening.

I'm looking forward to the party.

She is dealing out two apples to each child.

My grandfather has never consulted a doctor in his life.


I thought you'd want to see this movie.


With whom are you eating lunch?

I'm a natural blonde.

While skating at the ice rink she fell on her rear.

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"There's a shark in the water" she whispered.

He was seen crossing the street.

The days are getting shorter.


Generally, men run faster than women.

How did you get him to laugh?

I need a haircut.

Check these out.

You've sure got a short fuse today.


Reading this book was really worthwhile.

The water is great!

What was supposed to happen?

The two countries are engaged in biological warfare.

You taught me that.

I don't understand at all.

It can go either way.

Hopefully, we'll see George today.

I'd like to determine the value of this painting.

Louie is expecting too much.

Let's hope we did the right thing.

I can't install that. I need technical assistance.

We studied French in school.

Did you hear what we said?

He lived a life full of worries.


Look, I'll see you later.

Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.

Are you willing to do that?

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I'll return immediately.


I never doubted you for a moment.

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The ancient Romans founded colonies throughout Europe.

Time is more precious than anything else.

There's something I want to ask you.

I bought flowers because my grandmother is coming today for a visit.

When she comes, we'll eat.

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I get along well with my neighbors.

How long is this going to last?

I'm just going to sit here a while and rest.

It isn't safe to drive without a seatbelt.

You have a problem.

Where did you buy your car?

I have a message for you.

I have no idea what this means.

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.

The effects of climate change are far less pronounced in Antarctica than in the northern polar regions.

Our best thoughts come from others.

I met her at the library.

I can work anywhere I want.

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He cried as if he were a boy of six.

Let's make our own language so no one will know what we're talking about!

I know my way around here.


He became alone in the world and was chilled to the bone.


Have you ever read Milton's works?

Your new dress really looks good on you.

I'm not sure we have any choice.

Dan took a picture of the license plate.

Teachers should occasionally let their students blow off some steam.

I don't know what all the fuss is about.

What you said is complete nonsense.


I am really aggressively looking for a boyfriend

The students didn't understand the teacher's explanation.

Greg is a former paratrooper.

What if Lorenzo doesn't want to talk to me?

The two streets run parallel to one another.

Trent doesn't take very good care of his children.

Today is the birthday of the queen of pop Kylie Minogue!

Would you like to tea with us this afternoon?

The police eventually found Moe's car in Boston.


They threw their hats up into the air.


Someone was coming!

Arlene is still a rookie.

We need to find an effective method.

I need to clarify one point.

I've become friends with Kyle.


His car is gaining on us.


Make a decision and make it with the confidence that you are right.

Life can force you to make tough choices.

Shari wants to know your name.

Kristen told me a lot about you.

Kindly finish up the content of brochure hurriedly.

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The meaning dawned upon me at last.

Lonhyn worked up an appetite.

I want you to take me to you.

I admire his wit.

Just an hour ago or so I had the idea to make a slightly different version.

No one wanted to babysit Donn.

Tell her I said goodbye.

You do want that, don't you?

I bought a hybrid.

She lost Laurianne.

I turned it off.


Nathan acted as if he didn't care.

Vivek received a telegraph from Ted.

Did you study by yourself?


Let me know your address.


Do you have any idea who might want to do that?


Now that the boy was five, they had to think about which school to send him to.

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I thought we came here to discuss a new deal.

Give medicine to the patient right away.

I cannot help laughing to hear such a story.


Either she goes, or I go!

This milk will keep for two days.

Do you know how to get to the Hilton Hotel?

I have to close the windows.

My friends dropped by to see me the other day.

I used to write in my diary every day when I was young.

She threatened to kill me.

Admitting that he is honest, I doubt his ability.

Tomas didn't try to argue with Linda.