These documents were printed on recycled paper.

Huashi has a high opinion of Bryce.

I tried vinegar bath once or twice, I don't remember.

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It's nothing we can use.

I'm not willing to give this to Suwandi.

You're the only one who can do it.


"You should stop." "I don't want to stop."

He will come of age next year.

Do you believe that Christofer wants to go with Hotta?

We have a bit of a situation here.

Hey, what's that over there?

Sonja needs to buy a new raincoat.

I guess it's only a joke.

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Get your facts right.


Louis said Holly should go.

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This e-mail is confidential and it is intended only for the addressees.

Skef was a tank commander.

I won't be able to do it again.

What was the music you were listening to?

It is important to try to get along with people from foreign countries.


Bicycle lanes are everywhere!

That's a very good idea.

There's a good movie screening today.


Mr. Old is very much liked amongst the elderly.

Is there any mail for me?

I was in an accident.


I could not help admiring his courage.

He's changed a lot in his looks.

This plan is acceptable to all.

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Don't play here.


Getting busted isn't fun.

I have to stay with the group.

I ride the subway every day.

It wasn't worth the wait.

We pay her well.

They stopped three minutes later.

Move into the bus, please!


One of the things we should learn from Americans is their ability to gather, accumulate, and impart knowledge.

Does anyone know Randolph's last name?

Benson can't take it any longer.


They inquired of me about the matter.


I'll talk to them tomorrow.

See, what I have done there?

Novo couldn't fight anymore.

Hume isn't any stronger than me.

My own mind is my own church.

He works as a teacher, but actually he is a spy.

I don't see anything inappropriate in that.


Everything I've told you may not be true.


He works on Wall Street.

I just went out for a run.

He received a pair of shoes for nothing.

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They arrived in the United States a few days ago.

Let's just go see him.

I never would've guessed.


I'd take anybody apart who dared to say a word against her.

I really must go to bed.

What are we having for supper?


You had better relax a bit.

Give me the car keys, please.

"Where were you?" "I went shopping."


Violence is the last refuge of incompetence.


Prosecutors in court have to substantiate their claims in order to prove a suspect is guilty.

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I have to find out why Tai died.


That sounds very risky.

Lack of sleep began to tell on me.

I don't talk to him anymore.

His new novel is based on his own experiences.

My throat's a little dry.


I don't smoke them.

Mario is so sick that he barely can move.

This book was originally written in French.

Apparently the present Taral is new.

Please tell me the bank's number.

Sho didn't consider Srikanth's feelings at all.

The revision of this dictionary took six years.

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Is that what's really bothering you?


Thank you for coming early.

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Doyle couldn't find the kind of job he wanted.

Do you have your keys on you?

I hate drama.

The job has already been done.

How beautiful this flower is!


His career in the company was over before it had begun.


Yesterday, the weather was very nice.

There are lots and lots of people who speak Spanish, but not as many who speak Esperanto.

Spouses are also welcome.


Science is important for our lives.

My father suffers from osteoporosis.

People will laugh at you if you say so.

Will you stop saying that?

My father took me to a movie last night.


That's not my finger!

We're waiting for them.

It was three days ago.

There are approximately 2 million words in the dictionary.

He would go to out for a long walk in summer.

I have courage and a strong will.

The fire went out by itself.


Starting is half the battle.


He disdained bribery.

That's so sad.

The inexorable force of the waves crashing against the shore over millenia, caused a huge section of the headland to fall into the sea.

Christophe handed the document to Bart.

Do you understand what I'm telling you?

Just apologize to her.

I can't afford to rent a house like this in Tokyo.

Robert cheered Peggy on.

We have a lot to talk about right now.

He satisfied his thirst with a large glass of beer.

Mats is in the next room trying to get some sleep.


I knew I came to the right place.

Can you tell me where I can find a guest house?

Carry the injured to the hospital.


Son's arms ached.

Today I had to fart.

When is this crisis going to be over?

Epilepsy can have various causes.

We killed them.

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Are you freaking crazy or just plain stupid?

I can only keep a secret so long as no one asks me about it.

The bartender walked over to where Leung was sitting and asked him what he wanted to drink.

He authorizes his workers to eat at the office.

Suddenly the eldest daughter spoke up, saying, "I want candy."


You've had your fun.

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The investment advice we used to give just doesn't apply anymore.

Who's your favorite cartoon character?

We'll take care of Raja.

How's Bobbie's mood today?

Why do you want to hurt us?

This sounds interesting.

Prakash climbed up a ladder to get to the roof.

He climbed to the peak of the mountain.

We all are beta versions.

You'd better prepare Valeria for the news.

I sold my house and furniture, together with my jewelry in order to scrap together a half a million.

My brother named his cat Huazi.

We do not insist that you do things our way.

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This is impossible for me.


Laurianne blew all his money on a motorcycle.

I risked everything.

That's not cool.

The pilot will land the plane.

An epigram is a short, sharp saying in prose or verse, frequently characterized by acidity or acerbity and sometimes by wisdom.

I said what had to be said.

We shouldn't have told Sally that.

I believe him to be intelligent.

I'll get him.

When will you complete the preparations?

"You can know anything instantly ... if you Google it." "Google?"


Jared would like to get something to eat.

It really annoys me when you do that.

Never confuse pity with love.

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This is a very interesting investment opportunity.

My goal is to become a polyglot.

We have to clean the house tomorrow.


They haven't understood the question.