Show me what you want.

We are counting on spending two weeks in the Alps.

I owe Arnold some money.

Most women think like that.

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They blew up the bridge with gunpowder.

Don't get so emotional.

Please don't do this to me.

Rajendra was surprised when Daniele kissed him.

Let's go see her now.

The color of lilac is named after the lilac flower.

I teach French to college kids.

Nadeem can't get up.

Lola the cow, Lola the cow, she's smart and she brings trouble, and she goes mooooo.


The school is only five minutes' walk from here.

Finishing this job by Tuesday will be a piece of cake.

Who was this book written by?

We're both adults.

Was it that obvious?


We're being detained.

I have one more question.

I can't imagine what my life would be like without my family.


His concert was great.

He is a cruel person.

I really need to talk with you.

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Few people know what the word "hipster" means.

I haven't seen these pictures in years.

Where did you put my navigational instruments?

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The mechanic said the repair would not take long.


I really like that.

Wilmer didn't get the point.

This was my fault.

You spelled the word correctly.

I was up all night writing this report.

Dwayne and Marsha were having coffee together out on the porch.

That was great advice.

There is not a physical explanation for this phenomenon yet.

Ernest came back at 2:30.

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He is the best athlete in our school.

Some people like danger.

He traveled at the expense of the company.

Let me eat breakfast first and I will post a video.

It was an honest mistake.

A young person is waiting for you outside.

In case of rain, the athletic meeting will be called off.


Why didn't you ask for permission?

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You don't have to hide your feelings.

She's very talented.

His actions confuse me.


If that's not true about you, it's not true about me.

Akira went out for a few minutes.

He probably won't be happy with the pictures.

I can understand your skepticism.

I kind of like it.


How many shots did you fire?


He felt in his pocket for his lighter.

Where did you try them?

Richard didn't know why Lorenzo didn't want him at her party.

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You don't owe me anything.

I saw a hut in the distance.

The students are on holiday.

He can ski as skilfully as his father.

I wasn't at home when the baby took its first steps.


I really missed you when you were in France.

I think the plan was perfect.

Lorien said that Ken helped him.

He's angry and paranoid.

Me, hate you? Don't be ridiculous! We're friends now.

Seth collapsed to the ground.

The meeting went on until noon.

Emmett watched Klaudia disappear into the darkness.

He kept silent all day.


But he knew it couldn't last.

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I drank a glass of milk this morning.


Rajarshi did everything he could do for Darrell.

How much sugar do we need?

Thank you for decorating this glass for me.

I think it's good for you to read this book.

My hobby is listening to music.


The development of the computer industry has been very rapid.

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He bought his daughter a new computer for her birthday.

No matter what happens, just keep smiling.

Day by day and month by month, Internet technology is growing. Actually, make that second by second and minute by minute.

Jeffie is a very well-respected astronomer.

We spent the night in an inexpensive hotel.


An important function of the Skylab space station was to take photographs of the Earth using special infrared cameras. One of the pictures enabled scientists to help famine victims in Africa find water.


Do you guys see anything?


How many weeks of vacation do you have?

I knew you'd be angry.

Basically, I agree with your opinion.

Vick isn't the one who helped me.

She pulled up near the hotel office.


She's a young, impressionable teenager.

We are not old.

She showed the passengers how to fasten their seat belts.


What were you just doing?

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Was it useful?

Come what may, I will not break my word.

I'd suffer from claustrophobia.

I'm still waiting for my money.

We need not attend the meeting.


We can't let Ron leave with James.

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Briggs will stay at home tomorrow.

There have been a lot of complaints in the last few days about the amount of noise coming from your apartment.

Stay away from my woman.


Does Elizabeth like cheeseburgers?

Is that what you really want to do?

They're in the hot tub.

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Hein, when are you due for a vacation?

Harvey has collected a great many butterflies.

Kaj stopped doing his homework and turned off the light.

I think it's possible.

There are some things we want you to see.

You run that backhoe like a concert violinist plays a concerto.

Send this letter by air.

My language is very complicated.

Everybody knew Nou was in trouble.

You need to stop saying that.

You must write more neatly.

Injuries are frequent.

Within a few years of his death, the castle and observatory he built on his beloved island Hven were destroyed.

Elliot left with his friends.

They sell things very cheap in this store.

He is, at bottom, an honest man.

I must obey.


All afternoon a violent storm scoured the little town's streets.

The school is further than the train station.

The games must go on.

I bought this hat for 2000 yen.

Don't follow the fashion.

She sells us dresses.

Should I go check it out?

I'm fussy.

See, I told you I could help you.

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Please sign your name on the contract.


There is no doubt that enhancing user experience is the last thing webmasters think about when they add social bookmarking widgets to their sites.

Their job is to clean the garage.

The ring was not to be found anywhere.

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I'd like to take a look at those documents.

Most words are used very rarely, which makes it difficult to remember vocabulary when learning foreign languages.

Cleaning the garage wasn't much fun.


The bright light disturbed Markku.

Would you like to run your own business?

I've heard that it is best to always feed your dog at a specific time every day.

The canny entrepreneur realized that the ballistic missiles, which had once carried nuclear weapons and which the former enemies no longer needed, could easily be converted to civilian rockets for the peaceful exploration of space.

She told me that if I don't stop smoking she's going to dump me. Sounds like an ultimatum to me!


I leave uncultivated today, was precisely yesterday perishes tomorrow which person of the body implored.

Are you sure about the cost of that car?

Rajesh loves talking about art.

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I'm talking about your actions.

He angrily rattled the locked door.

Work is all in all to me.

Jun is holding out.

I really enjoyed last night.

The bus stops before my house.

The boxer lost his weight for the match.

The power plant supplies the remote district with electricity.

You act surprised. What did you expect?

Earle was clearly a little disappointed.

Ask me something easier.

Sergei felt obligated to say something.

This is a pain.

It was a fair game.

Can you extend my stay until three o'clock?