Dr. KAnd McQueen Keynote Speaker


It is time for human beings to move to the next level of acceptance of one another    --Kand McQueen


This space is dedicated to all human beings:

Men, Women, and Others


Photo by Suzanne Kammerer

Two and Only Two?     

     At this point in time, most people around the planet firmly believe there are two and only two kinds of people in the world: men and women. When we think about human beings, we assume these are the only two possibilities. Consider the question always asked when we first meet up with prospective parents: “Do you know what you are having?” We expect the answer to be either boy or girl because we have come to believe that those are the only two options.

We Do It All The Time     

     As we encounter people throughout the day, we tend to automatically categorize them as male or female. Imagine walking down a crowded street. Even if you are deep in thought, chances are that on some level you are automatically labeling every person you meet as woman or man. Don’t believe me? Think about what happens when you cross someone not easily identifiable: You probably stop, do a double take, and think to yourself, “What was that?”

Man, Woman, End of Story

     Above all else, male and female are seen as separate entities, mutually exclusive, complementing but never overlapping categories. Like much of the world, Western society rests on the assumption that all persons exist unambiguously as either man or woman. As a society, we are very committed to this dichotomous two-and-only-two view of human beings. In fact, it is as if we collectively believe that if there is one truth with a capital “T” out there, it is this: We are men OR we are women, end of story. 

It Just Isn't Simple 

     The truth is, the discrete categories of male and female fail to adequately describe that part of human experience that we call sex and gender, evidenced by the existence of two naturally occurring challenges to this binary: transgender and intersexed individuals. 

What Do We Do? 

     The first step is in better understanding that part of human experience known as sex and gender and all of the wonderfully diverse ways in which they can manifest. This is where I can help. 

After hearing me speak, you will be able to:

  • Begin to understand the complexity of the transgender experience, including the effects on spouses, life-partners, children, family, friends, co-workers… ...the entire world!
  • Begin to move toward a higher level of acceptance of one another as human beings
  • Open your mind to the wonderful diversity of biological sex
  • Better understand the experiences of those who do not fit the assumed categories of “man” and “woman”
  • Understand how our dichotomous thinking negatively affects ALL OF US
  • See how the binary categories of “male” and “female” are simply inadequate to contain that part of human experience we refer to as sex and gender
  • Forever change the way you look at the world and the people in it


Why Choose Dr. McQueen?

     Dr. Kand McQueen is a master keynote speaker on issues of the transgender experience, intersexuality, and the inadequacies of our current two-and-only-two sex/two-gender way of thinking. Your audience will be moved by Dr. McQueen’s story in a way that will advance awareness, compassion, and understanding of not just transgender individuals, but all persons everywhere. As a nationally-known keynote speaker and advocate for transgender awareness, Dr. McQueen will make the case for a greater acceptance of all human beings. 


Chaz Bono & Dr. McQueen


The Kinsey Institute
Indiana University
October, 2012