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"Position" Will soon be out of Beta phase.

We are looking for beta testers.
If you have a phone that is not listed below and would become a Beta tester.
(262) 605-0933

Currently tested on:
Sony Ericsson X10, 2.1-Update1 and 2.3.3
Sony Ericsson X8, 2.1-Update1

Functions so far:
  - GPS tracking.
  - SMS monitoring.
  - Call monitoring.

Functions to be added:
(These features are subject to change.)
  - Make calls.
  - Send SMS.
  - Microphone recording.
  - Selectable checkin period. (Finished on App but not manageable by web)
  - Play audio file.
  - Ability to check-in by SMS if there's no internet connection.
  - Auto answar incoming call if number is listed in autoanswer list.
  - Website skinning support.
  - Read contact list.
  - Get application changes.
  - Calendar monitoring.
  - Browser history monitoring.
  - Camera monitoring.
  - Email monitoring.

  v. 0.95: - 2011-09-20
  Added encrypted data.

  v. 0.92: - 2011-09-20
  Fixed som code, and prepared it for Market realease.

  v. 0.91: - 2011-08-19
  Added crash recovery.
  Rewritten database code.
  Tested on 2.3.3.
  Fixed offline caching, now it wont remove all record if it was'nt uploaded.
  Fixed a few FC's.
  Added battery level information at check-in.

  Moved the page.

  v. 0.9: - 2011-05-18
  Totally rewritten sourcecode.
  Removed ability to record audio, for the time being.
  Few changes to the web.
  Made it service only, no icon.

  v. 0.85: - 2011-02-24
  Added offline GPS cache, which upload all records when device comes online.
  Improved battery consumption.

  v. 0.8: - 2011-02-17
  Added ability to record audio and upload it to website.
  Fixed bug in the SMS upload, now it does'nt hang when there are special characters in the SMS.