What you are saying is very important.

I just sent you a present in the mail.

Have you seen, Nathan?

We're really happy.

That isn't very likely to happen.


Ronni won't be coming back.


They should pay me.

Don, can I see you a sec?

Who owns this food?

I've got a 38.9 degree fever.

Do what you think is right.

I'm starting to feel hungry.

I agreed with that.

I can't buy it because I have no money.

I have an excuse.

He is always on time for an appointment.

I wanted to get this to you ASAP.

Fortune favors the bold.

I'm pretty sure that I can do that by myself.

There was no light.

We appreciate the support.


I met them at a party.

I'll tell you the truth.

Over time, things only got worse.

Alf hasn't called the fire department yet.

He's so big!

I don't have to think about it.

I wasn't expecting that to happen at all.

Moral and physical development are remarkable in the youth.

Do you want to come to my party?

Can anybody tell me Lawrence's phone number?

Give me just a little.


I am patting my cat.


Lynn looked at his reflection in the window.

I live in Luxembourg.

She is beside herself with joy.

This word is derived from Greek.

Regarding Professor Scott's final criticism I have nothing more to add to what I said in my previous reply.


I'm glad to help you.

Father often helps me with my homework.

You couldn't do it, could you?

You won't be let down if you read the entire book.

He is his own master.


No, you misunderstood.

Being sick, I had to stay home.

Vilhelm has to meet Sri in the park tomorrow at 2:30.


Can you operate a manual transmission?


That would be exhausting.

She leaves you breathless.

Don't let him play piano.

This is a hotel, not a brothel.

What's your father's name?

Our family name will be ruined if Rudolph is convicted.

Ernst was persistent.


I have visited Boston three times.

I've been wanting to talk to you.

Double your bet.


She is holding it.


Lee didn't know what Beth told John.


I don't know every one of you.

We've got nothing to do with this.

In the name of the moon, we'll punish you!

I was taken aback at the answer.

If you don't do your duty, people will look down on you.


You belong on another planet.

He was all alone in the room.

We cannot find him in the office. He may have quit his job.

I can't quite believe that just happened.

I can beat you to the station.


After kissing Willie, Kee left for work.

I, too, have the right to speak.

I'm not familiar with that.

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They put Sundar in a straitjacket.

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Irwin says he doesn't want to talk about school.

You've got to stop doing that.

It's over here.

If I were you, I would have done the same thing in such a difficult situation.

Nick didn't pass the exam, did he?

Tricia knows how to have fun.

I want to speak in Lojban.


Someone who is misanthropic dislikes people and avoids social situations.

It is difficult to speak three languages.

Stacey isn't the only one who thinks it would be a good idea to get there early.

Swimming is a lot of fun.

The last time I smoked was well over a year ago.

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Do not put this wet towel into the bag.

"Roma" is an anagram of "amor."

How do I look tonight?

No one has the right to tell you how to raise your child.

It didn't look good.

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It doesn't matter whether you come or not.

Trent's girlfriend saw him with another girl.

My brother Shamim's wife Debbie's father, John, is visiting from Boston.

I want Stanly to sign this.

My sister is younger than you.

Masanao gave Mariou a box of chocolates laced with poison.

Opinions are divided on the issue of taxes.

Hey! Your baseball just broke my window.

"How about going for a walk?" "Why not? I'd be glad to."

I don't remember saying anything.

They'll find us jobs.

The wind calmed down.

Rahul recently graduated from Harvard.


You don't have to go, do you?

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I soon forgot it.

This grocery store only sells organic food.

Maybe I was too hard on Masanao.

That cat is so cute!

How could this happen to me?


They are paid by the week.

I am eighteen years old.

You should already be able to understand.

Something tells me that you're hiding something.

Ninja lives in a small apartment on Park Street.

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Double, please.

He prepared for the worst.

It reads like a fairy tale.

Fortune favors the bold.

Cyan is a greenish blue color.

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That's fine!

Such incidents are quite common.

I can't believe it worked.

I feel excited.

Who wants to learn Japanese?

What the hell is the matter with you?

Excessive drinking is one of the causes of impotence.

Joachim needs some adult supervision.

There's a lovely park in the centre of the town.


I'd like to ask you a favor.

I'm a problem solver.

This job could be a lot tougher than we imagined.

Dory also has a brother.

Courtney's lying.


Off with the head of duplicate-mongers.

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Did you speak?

I never once doubted your abilities.

I am thinking of closing my savings account.

Please interpret my strange dreams.

It is time to help women.

The cold weather kept us indoors.

Rudolph caught several large trout.

Do you usually have tea for breakfast?

I'll never go camping with Raif again.


Get them away from here.


Perhaps I will be a doctor and if yes I will help cure sick people.

Scott abused my trust.

I think Connie needs your help.

The British would need strong leadership.

Work hard, or you will fail.

I didn't mean to hurt them.

How tall is she?


Please give me what I want.

I'm working double shifts.

It was a good buy.

Joshua came close to breaking an arm.

That's becoming a problem.

We found there was scarcely any money left in the cash-box.

Rolfe would be hurt if you said that.


They've arrested us.

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Let me speak first.


Is Linley in the office?


That's pretty scary.

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His new movie is disappointing.