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Adding the SiteTrust™ security seal to your website protects your site from viruses and hackers,
increases consumer confidence, and improves conversion rates - so you get more sales and more profits!

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Adding the SiteTrust™ seal to your website will increase sales - guaranteed.

Strategically placing a security seal on your website is proven to significantly lift sales.

Split testing (also known as A/B testing) shows that a strategically placed seal in close proximity to the "Add to Cart" and "Checkout" buttons generates an instant revenue lift between 10% and 30%. The return on your investment is enormous considering virtually zero effort and minuscule cost of our service.

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Improve Consumer Confidence

  • Can I trust this website?
  • Is this product safe?
  • Is this reputable company?

When a visitor clicks on your SiteTrust™ seal, a certificate of approval appears, reassuring consumers that the website is safe and secure. The certificate lists the date verified and items scanned by, and assures visitors that your website meets the SiteTrust™ standards for safety and security. When consumers know your site is safe and secure, they feel more confident buying from you!

Without the SiteTrust™ security seal, you're missing out on sales!

When consumers see the SiteTrust™ security seal on your website, they immediately feel more confident buying from you. We're so sure that displaying the SiteTrust™ Seal on your site will increase conversions that we offer a one-year, no questions asked, 100% satisfaction guarantee. Many of our clients have found that adding the SiteTrust™ seal to their website boosts online sales by up to 20%.

What our clients have to say:

  • “We added the Site Trust security seal to our billing page and saw an immediate 100% lift in conversions. That's right, our conversion rate DOUBLED just by adding the Site Trust seal. If you want to increase your conversion rate, this is the way to do it”

    Robert Winters - Consumer's Choice Health LLC

  • “After my website received a virus, I told my employees and customers it would never happen again!

    Laura Wells - Sun Technology Corporation

  • “After my website got a virus, we got a seal. Now our website is scanned for viruses daily and we've been safe and secure ever since!”

    George Eaton - Ariel Customer Management Corporation

Protect Your Website From Hackers

When you let SiteTrust™ protect your website from viruses and hackers, you can always be confident that your data is protected and your visitors get the best on-page experience. Displaying the SiteTrust™ security seal on your website tells your visitors that your site is safe and secure.

SiteTrust™ Cloud Technology

SiteTrust™ security seal loads independently in the background, using asynchronous JavaScript - so it will never slow down your website!

SiteTrust™ Seals

After your website certification is complete, we'll give you easy-to-follow instructions for installing our Security Seals on your website. We offer a variety of seals to choose from, so you can pick the one that best fits the look and feel of your website.

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The SiteTrust™ security seal establishes
trust and increases sales. Guaranteed!

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