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Molly is such a malingerer that you can't count on him to get anything done, no matter what promises he makes.

Your library is your paradise.

You never were going to tell me, were you?

As far as I'm concerned, things are going well.

I just got my first tattoo.

You should enjoy the moment.

Actually that's a smart idea.


I've never seen two people so much in love as Giovanni and Stephe.

They took out a loan in order to buy a car.

I heard Amarth bragging about how much money he made.


I was conscious that something was missing.

We must be going now.

It cost me a thousand yen to get my bicycle fixed.

It is hard to get through the work in an hour.

A Mr Smith came to see you.

The skyscrapers of the future will be made of wood.

Duane only found out at age 40 that he was adopted.

This is the car with the most speed.

Take good care of them.


All this damage is the result of the storm.

We work during the day, and sleep at night.

Pratapwant doesn't know why Martha dropped out of college.

The researchers said that the sun was quite stable, and was not expected to go nova anytime soon.

They were amazed at his courage.

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This raises a most interesting question: how long does it take to starve to death?

I don't understand why Alison is late.

Maybe we could've prevented this from happening.

Elaine looks like he wants to say something.

Did you want anything else?

You're a part of me.

Your shoes are wet. Put them near the fire.

Almost all girls are kind.

Her father was a talented musician.

Prices vary with each store, so do your shopping wisely.

The drama was presented last month.


For all his wealth, he is not very happy.

This building will be built in the city.

We got what we paid for.

I think each of us played a part in inviting today's confusion.

Moran told me he wouldn't be late, but he still hasn't shown up.

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It's been five years since I last saw you.


Did you eat at home before you came here?

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Cut it with a knife.

She hit the nail on the head.

Nancy found a few good deals at the flea market.

Has anyone seen the major?

He is walking very slowly.

Jeffrey didn't believe it for a second.

The concert hasn't started yet.

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I'm not your dad.

What time are you meeting her?

I sprained my ankle.

You cannot be careful in the mountains.

Pierce is holding a clipboard.

Stop joking. It's a serious matter.

This is the first time I've ever thought about this.

He smiled at us and got on the train.

A poet's verses do not have to reflect his character.


Where are your suitcases?


Stay away from that.


You're behaving oddly.

We didn't know which bus to take.

I made up my mind to go to law school.

We left no stone unturned.

Chet certainly seems to enjoy talking with Shatter.

The bill amounts to 500 dollars.

My wish is to please you.

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Just please give me a chance.


I met Michelle in Boston by chance.


You're being too modest.

The rumor worked to his disadvantage.

The earth goes around the sun once a year.

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I'll be the one helping him, not you.


Andreas is lazy, isn't he?


The was disrespectful.

He did his duty as a matter of course.

Can I have something hot to drink?

I wish them the very best.

Our new neighbour is always there whenever we need help with anything.


There is learning in suffering.

George and Hy picked up a hitchhiker.

You two are the nucleus of the team.

That should tell you something.

Please come home as quickly as possible.

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After death, the doctor.

I'll pick you up tomorrow after work.

In preparation for painting a portrait, my friend takes many photographs in order to study the subject closely.

I hear laughing.

Elsa was mopping the kitchen.

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They made cookies.

I'll see to it that Brad does his homework.

I'd rather stay than go.

Wait a second. Do you just think that all's well that ends well? That's not the way it is.

Piete lost the desire to learn French.

Toft didn't want to get out of bed.

I don't like Lynne either.

All Roxana wanted was for Vernon to love him as much as he loved her.

Damone is blonde.


Florian made it quite clear what he needed.


You seem stressed.

The last straw breaks the camel's back.

I can't speak French or German.

They saw his face grow stern and cold, they saw his muscles strain, and they knew that Casey wouldn't let that ball go by again.

It was spooky.

Could you be more careful?

How did you learn French?

I have to find Kathryn.

The sunset is beautiful.

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Secondary education has two sides.

Sanche might not understand French.

There were fifty passengers on board the bus.

If you will be in Istanbul when I visit in March next year, I would like to spend some time with you.

You will go to school.

I'm happy.

We're not entirely sure why Guy did what he did.


I know why you gave Jarl so much money.

I wanted to scream.

Unfortunately, I have bad news.

I want him.

I've got one just like that.

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I copied and pasted it from Wikipedia.

Hurray for Italian women!

They liked each other.

It's been a long week.

You do that so much better than I can.

I want to make sure you are who you say you are.

That's your duty.

This campground is closed.

It was the greatest discovery in human history.


That's not Ro.


His behavior allows of no criticism.

Interlingua has five older sisters.

Do you want me to give Kriton something?

Dan received a call from the hospital.

Do you not like girls?


Sanjay is really overweight, isn't he?

I'm just not feeling up to it right now.

The XYZ Almanacs from 1950 to 1970 were studied to discover the trend.

Please fill up the front.

I have been to more than ten foreign countries so far.


Marc is a real estate agent.

On the whole I am satisfied with the result.

Don't treat me like a child.


It's nothing I can't handle.


The locomotive was offered for sale but it was later scrapped, as no purchaser was found.

Pilar has been depressed recently.

For many books, the covers are too far apart.

Elections are the biggest illusion of freedom.

I turned to him for advice.

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My yogurt expires in 2014!

Do you want to come over and play?

Bears are very dangerous.

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I did think Reid might win.

The teacher's name was Mr. Grey.

I am quite a stranger here.

A monkey is climbing up a tall tree.

This is garbage.


It no longer makes sense to do this.

No one can tell what will happen in the future.

I wish I had known about this when I was a kid.

It was very neatly written, and except that "friend" was written "freind" and one of the S's was the wrong way round, the spelling was correct all the way through.

She felt restless all day long.

I was driving to Boston at that time.

It's time that you stopped wasting your youth on idle pastimes.