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I met him at church.


The Diet is now in session.

What were we doing?

I immediately called Farouk.


It's not like we're going to get married or anything.

Girls, you're gorgeous!

Janos should consult an expert.

I wish you could meet Willie

Do you want me to pay in advance?

Don't stay up all night.

You don't look happy to see me.


I think we could be great friends.

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I am eighty-five years old.


I told him not to do that.


The streets aren't safe at night.


I'm surprised Molly isn't busy today.


Let's discuss the plan over a cup of coffee.

Rudolf and Harmon seem to be having fun.

Do you want fried eggs with bacon for breakfast?


You are not more stupid because you don't get up earlier.

We may even want to stay for another day or two.

When does Lori arrive?

Why don't we have lunch together?

What are you laughing at?

I thought it was him.

She saw a snake.


Panacea studied after dinner.

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She was exactly like a child. She wanted to be with me always.

The smell is disgusting.

Does Knut like tea?


All my haste was in vain.

Have you got some money?

We were out celebrating all night.

Why is Kusum being so quiet?

Tell the cops the truth.

I should buy you a drink.

Naren took off his shirt and threw it into the washing machine.

I'm sure that's what Shamim would wish for.

Which subject do you like best?

Let's spend some time together next weekend.

I meant what I said before.


She asked us if we would like to cook.

Kristian was John's best man.

Uranus is a large, plain, blue-green planet which can only be seen from the Earth with the unaided eye on a clear, dark night.

Beckie is a common name.

I didn't recognize that guy.

She is leaving for her hometown tomorrow morning.

Is there someone you want to invite to my party?

Raja never jokes about money.

Wendy pulled out his wallet and gave Olivier some money.


The books were taken away by the students.

The lion roars.

I tried to get hold of you.

Have you ever donated blood?

Set the CD player square with the front edge of the shelf, please.

I got what you asked for.

I'm sorry about what happened between you and my sister. She hasn't been quite herself since she had that accident.

It scares me.

Troy is usually not very reliable.

Jarl was going to tell Raymond anyway.

What I will do after dinner is to chat on the internet.

Lord usually goes home at five o'clock.

"Where is his book?" "It is on the table."

Okay, I'll do it.

Jinchao is standing in the back of the room.

He was killed in the explosion.

Quick, turn off the lamp, I want to hide in the darkness.

Voles in the garden are a nuisance.

Sho is a reputable and a trustworthy person.

I always said that Croatia is the wonderland.

When I tried to play the video, I got an error message on the screen.

How much do we have to pay?

Lisa bought three packages of ink for his printer.

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We had to start for America at short notice.

Don't follow her example.

They're only words.

I don't think it's reasonable.

I feel happiest when I am in school.

I don't want you at my party.

Distance is the only thing that the rich are willing for the poor to call theirs, and keep.

Nobody was rich in my country.

It makes me nervous.

This sanza is really good!

I'm not leaving without him.


I was expecting Darin to be here.

People are dying.

You are fortunate to have such loving parents.

I don't quite follow.

Why don't you help me?

I missed the meeting.

She is older and wiser now.

There doesn't seem to be anyone living around here.

Are you sure you don't want something a little smaller?


She is getting worse and worse every day.

This is what we found.

You must not trust every man.

Who invited you guys?

That's just mean.

Most people want to experience happiness.

Go be with Aaron.

The rain was preceded by wind.

He won the prize last week.


Roxanne is out of his mind.

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What's got into Bobby?

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Hide not your light under a bushel.

The Royal Palace is a famous historic building in Paris.

Hit the brakes, darling. We should test our feelings. We don't know each other well enough, I'm not used to anticipate the events.


Take the medicine three times a day.


Noemi explored the underwater cave.

Micheal parked the car.

Rick seems fairly sure of himself.

This furniture's in the way.

He asked for my permission to use the phone.

Let's take her with us.

He never pays attention to what I say.


I was greatly disappointed at hearing the news.

I like swimming, but I don't like to swim here.

Why don't you have anything to say?


Is sugar a poison?


The Japanese government takes a neutral attitude on the matter.

He came from Tokyo yesterday.

In front of the water fountain, there was a young woman accompanying herself on a guitar.


The N8 will be the first device by Nokia with the Symbian^3 operating system

Are you Julius?

I also like listening to music on the radio.


I think the fault is of the new Facebook lists.

Bill is memorizing a poem.

I wish God did exist.

He took ten deep breaths.

They plowed the field.

She is only two years old but is able to count to 100.

Where is that?


Great was the sorrow of her parents.

You are never going to believe this.

Bearing in mind the durability in washing and various factors this is what we arrived at:

You have to expect that once in a while.

Don't you dare ask her that.

You may link to this webpage freely.

Miriamne is not in the mood for talking.

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He became a famous singer.

Am I free to leave?

It's no use pretending that you can't speak French.

Boyd has just left home.

My brother paid double the price.

There are implicit elements.

He convinced me that I was in the wrong.

His speech made a good impression on me.

I must renew my passport.

I was so afraid that no one would ask me to dance.

Marsha kept a pair of rabbits for breeding.

You don't use it, do you?

What else did you two do?

Her name was unknown.

She refuses to say more about it.

A runner must pass the baton in a relay race.

It was raining hard, and what is worse, the wind began to rise.

Fred wrote his mother a long letter.

I successfully persuaded her and we went on a date.


He studied the harder because he was praised by his teacher.

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Let's talk.


I just started learning flower arrangement last month, so I'm still a beginner.

Have you asked Hohn what happened?

Why won't anyone help me?


Kate and Brian discuss the picture.

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They'll be happy to welcome you on Sunday.