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Imagine sharing BIM-content through a Marketplace for architects and AEC engineers all over the world on a blockchain interaction model.


What is BIMLIB
and what problems does it solve?

BIMLIB is a decentralized open source platform for managing BIM-content, registration and copyright protection. This is a unique open environment for easy exchange of BIM-content, AEC projects and ready-made BIM-solutions that unites professionals in the construction industry. BIMLIB opens new opportunities for architects, engineers, programmers, BIM-managers and manufacturers for sale and subsequent monitoring of licensed use of their projects and BIM-content.



BIMLIB is a decentralized open-source platform for managing BIM-content, its registration and copyright protection. This unique open environment for easy exchange of projects and ready-made design solutions unites professionals in the construction industry. BIMLIB offers new opportunities for architects and engineers to sell and track the licensing of their projects using blockchain.


The marketplace of BIM-content, formed by the BIMLIB network, will save a huge amount of time for the development and approval of ready-made nodes, designs and even entire AEC projects for individual architects and AEC companies.


BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an intelligent 3D model-based process that creates digital doubles of assets, and gives AEC professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.


Using the BIMLIB service for open exchange of BIM-contents is completely free. Also, the service separately offers invaluable opportunities for copyright registration, organization and convenient management of its own BIM-content, sale and control of its use by other users.


In 2030, INDUSTRY 4.0 alone will add $14.2 trillion to global GDP. For the world's 20 leading economies this is plus 1% above projected growth rates $120 trillion to global GDP


trillion to global GDP

BIMLIB platform

Objectives of the project

Reduce time and cost through accelerating AEC project development
Provide an income-earning system for users in the form of royalties using blockchain
Provide user-controlled access to millions of local BIM-content libraries
Allow licensing control and copyright protection using blockchain technology
Create a comfortable ecosystem for the interaction of engineers over BIM
Create a convenient professional and comparable network of BIM-content libraries


Project Team

Usov Ilya
Ruchiev Alexander
Reshetnikov Maxim
Anton Reshetnikov
Maxim Kozmenko
Loveiko Sergey
PR Director
Enin Victor
TeamLead blockchain and back-end developers
Karkin Evgeny
TeamLead opensource development

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