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Payday Loan Compensation

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If you’ve ever taken out a payday loan, then you may be entitled to receive a full refund on all of the interest and charges paid to your payday lenders and get your money back, even if you did not pay the loan in full.

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Payday Loan Claims

Payday loans were often completely unaffordable to borrowers who only ended up in a never ending struggle to pay them off. They were therefore left with no choice but to keep rolling their loans over month after month by only being able to pay off some of the interest but never the capital; or by simply taking out another payday loan leaving them financially stuck and in a vicious borrowing cycle.

The FCA has now deemed this practice as “irresponsible lending” as payday lenders should have completed a proper affordability test each time a loan was taken out to properly assess whether the loan was both right and affordable to the borrower.

If a payday lender failed to do this then the loans were mis-sold and compensation can be claimed.

How does it work?

If any of your payday lenders continuously rolled your loans over from month to month without ever completing a full affordability check or making sure their loan was a good fit for you, then they may have mis-sold their payday loans and you could be eligible for compensation.

In other words, you could be due a full refund on all the interests, charges and penalties you paid to your payday lenders and could even get all your money back, even if you did not pay the loan in full.

Whether they have originally asked for your permission when taking out the loan makes absolutely no difference if they have not done an affordability check when any loan was taken out.

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