cesmo hub

Harness the advantages of cooperative threat geo-location in operational situations...

CESMO HUB Explained

The basic concept of Cooperative ESM Operations (CESMO) is to exploit the benefits of using intercept data collected simultaneously on a target from different locations and orientations to rapidly and accurately geo-locate threats in a number of seconds.

mono platform geo-location

multi platform geo-location (cesmo hub)

CESMO Hub software, designed and developed by 3SDL, delivers the capability to interpret and integrate data from a wide range of electronic warfare platforms and harness the advantages of cooperative threat geo-location in operational situations.

The software has allowed for the bridging and sharing of data between architecturally different networks be they IP, Combat Net radio or Tactical Data Link. This would not otherwise have been possible.

Features & Benefits

NATO STANAG 4658 Compliant = Multinational Interoperability

Bearer agnostic = Easy connectivity with existing networks

Not limited to traditional EW platforms = Every platform a sensor

Simple platform integration = Low risk implementation on new and legacy platforms

Low bandwidth = successful participation even in austere communication environments

Real time updates = increased situational awareness and decision support

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