Mystical Puzzle



                     What would you do 


Imagine going through an experience so traumatizing that you felt completely shattered.  Empty.  Hollow.  Nothing left but the shell of the body.  You thought you had seen it all but this one took the cake.  You felt the only choice was suicide.  You found yourself crying and rocking back and forth pleading for help.  Only you didn’t know who you were asking because no one was there but you.

Like magic there was a link staring back at you on your computer.  You had this deep urge to click on it.  Maybe this was the place that could help you.  Maybe this was the answer you have been looking for.  You picked up the phone and before you knew it, you were on a plane heading to the unknown.

On your way back home you noticed something was different.  You go to sleep one person only to wake up a completely different one.  One that was no longer shattered.  One that was so blissfully happy it was almost too much to handle.  Everything could be falling apart all around you and the birds were still singing on your shoulders. 

Something was guiding you.  Something had taken over.  Voices guide you to go to places.  Voices guide you to your bedroom window; showing you things that you could never ever forget.  You remember that voice.  That was the same voice that guided you to save your sister from the fire when you were eleven years old. 

You know damn well that you are not the same person that was here a month ago.  “This is not my skin!  What the hell am I?  Who am I?”  You looked up and started to yell, “What have you guys done to herrrrr!  She is not strong and she is scared and terrified of the dark!  She can’t be by herself; she needs help!  She is dying. I need to know what the hell you guys did to her!  Where is she!?”

You start to cry and frantically look for yourself in your own home.  You looked under your bed and in your closets.  “What is going on and where is she!?”  You made it back to your bedroom and cried your eyes out. 

She is gone!  I really hope she is doing alright.  I wish I could just talk to her to ensure that she is no longer in emotional pain and that she is safe.  I understand why she had to leave.  She was so dead inside.  She couldn’t handle the fact that she may end up permanently crippled and that her adventurous life was gone.  Not to mention the pain.

Then try to explain it to those around you when you had no idea what was happening yourself.  Mental Health was sure to come knocking on your door.

Join me on a challenging magical journey of my sudden awakening where my entire world changed over night.  I never knew of such an existence.  I wasn’t looking for it.  It found me!

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