What do you get if you cross a hedgehog and a snake? Five feet of barbed wire.

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I have had no news from him yet.

She raised her hand for the bus to stop.

I think you know Francisco.

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He studies hard every day.

That guy over there is either Donnie or someone who looks a lot like him.

It was a forced smile.

Apparently the bus was late.

I don't talk to her anymore.

It has been raining on and off since this morning.

I think you need to keep your mouth closed.

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I think I impressed you.

The Bill of Rights amended the U.S. Constitution.

It was my first night among strangers.

If the accident happens, report to me.

"Where is Son's house?" "I think it's the house with red balloons and the big sign that says "Happy Birthday Ralph!""

Don't you want to know why?

You can't see the forest behind the trees.

My best friend comes from Canada.

I'm coming to pick you up.


I'll follow Linder's recommendations.

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I didn't find the book "Teaching English in a foreign country" useful.

What are you snickering about?

They nodded to each other.


Being something special seems to be Britain's first priority.

With the time passing, his respect for him became love.

Why don't you let me be the judge of that?


I've seen my share of death.

I can live in a jungle for months.

Is it going to hurt?

Kyoto is famous for its shrines and temples.

Becky sat waiting.

You are becoming lazy!

I'm sure Miltos told you Todd wanted to come to the party, too.

He took poison by mistake.

If it rains, he won't come.

No. They are too small.

Keith forgot his own birthday.

This is all hard to believe.

She makes her own clothes.

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I have read about the accident in the newspaper.

This is a true story. A woman was admitted to a reputed obstetrics clinic to give birth.

Shannon was involved in Sorrel's abduction.


Joseph was appalled by what Merril did.

Dan took his uniform to a dry-cleaner's.

The parents expected too much of their son.

Do you feel better?

Tao is always exaggerating.

Giovanni doesn't need to cancel his vacation.

I don't need you any more.

Is this really news?

Japan consists of four main islands and many other smaller islands.

I do not want to drink your tea.

I want you to stay with me.

I definitely did a lot better today.

That's the nicest motor home that I've ever been in.

I almost cried.

She committed many sins in her youth.

Days are shorter in winter.

Are you seeing anybody?

The soccer team is led by Jitendra.

He gets on my nerves.

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Put everything on my tab. I'll settle it when I check out.


That's not the real problem.

I thought I was never going to see Elwood again.

Are you going to the tennis court?

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It was not until yesterday that I got the news.


I count myself lucky to have such a devoted wife.

The stump is like a phallus of nature.

I'm glad that you can come.

The Japanese embassy has warned Japanese citizens to be careful.

I'll go to Clarence.


I've been away from home for a long time.

I'm thinking of changing jobs.

Hurry up, the train only stops here for a short while.


Why are you so paranoid?

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There are many cute children in the world.

Franklin noticed that all the other boys were wearing neckties.

Ariel should be living at home with us.

It's very unlikely that a serious art collector would ever buy anything from that source.

You are very nice.


The poet is the one who inspires much more than the one who is inspired.


I have no choice.

This book can't go into the bag.

The story about Ricardo eating my cat isn't true.

Have you found something interesting?

She's fun, carefree, smart, full of surprises.


Let Reid decide.

Did you see a doctor?

We need to know what's causing this.


Where's the big guy?

She's weak, powerless. A mere human.

Do you know where I can find Steve?

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Where are the cookies?

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You messed up!

Are you honestly telling me you never want to see Vincenzo again?

That makes things clear.

Cary's mother lived to be 103.

You should choose a strong password!

I really appreciate it.

He has a face only a mother could love.

One thing led to another.

To welcome guests is to make them feel at home, even though that's exactly where you wish they were.


Have you already met her?

Nanda has a lot to do.

I wasn't patient enough.

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She lived next door to us.

The news delighted him.

I hate Sundays.

Are you domineering?

Try to do so as far as the station.

Varda has a poor memory.

I didn't pick anything.


Seenu is reserved, isn't he?

Thanks for asking.

I don't think Monica is the right person for the job.

Izzy kindly answered questions.

I want Tai put in prison.


Is there any chance that Pete will agree?

Jade, take a small gun.

Where will we eat?

Kyung is very articulate.

Yes, it's such a nice evening.

I hardly know anything about you.

Why am I being taken back to Boston?

His wish was realized at last.

Don't stand on ceremony. Just make yourself at home.

The company's president makes a conclusion.

Now you're bringing me down.


If a man wants to learn to sound like a native speaker of Japanese, he shouldn't only learn Japanese from women. The reverse is true for a woman.

He teaches maths as well as English.

You can trust him to keep his word.

He hugged me.

A bicycle runs on fat and saves you money; a car runs on money and makes you fat.

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I like this coat. May I try it on?

How pretty you look today!

"I think it is gone," he said. But it was not gone.

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He abandoned the idea.


Say some sensible words. If no one is nearby to hear them, say them to yourself.

It is, as it were, a life and death problem.

They are related to colonization.

Is it foggy?

Living, as I do, in such a large town, I can seldom go fishing.

I swear to me himself, said the Almighty, now that you would not spare your only begotten son,

Henry seemed very nice.

He cashed in his chips and took in a show at the casino across the street.

Atheism is irrational by definition.

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We value your advice.

You should ask Shel to help you.

"Oh, well..." thought Dima. "I suppose that I can't be picky at a time like this."

What a beautiful garden they made!

That was tough for me.


Is this the key you are looking for?

No one ever came.

The post office is down the street.

Why do you need these?

The small plane dipped slightly to go under the clouds.

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I'm still living with my parents.

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The books are on a low shelf.

Do you promise you won't tell anyone?

I want to find my big yellow banana.

We'll leave as soon as you're ready.

Wolf seems to be running away from something.


He is beginning to pick up his health again.