Did you see the way he looked at you?

The man came to a dead stop.

I have no other choice.

Mac didn't say that.

I just want to know what to expect.

Merat gave Cristina a calendar and she put it on her refrigerator.

I asked them the same thing.

Why is he sitting there for so long?

Did you drink this orange juice?

My father bought me a watch, which I don't like very much.


You are taken aback and give excuses of overwork.

I could not find my brother who was to meet me at the station.

The cause of death was not accidental.


You look very self-assured for someone who's obviously lying.

I'm sure Arne won't mind.

I'm sure we'll make it all right.


Son has a rock collection.

Cristina ducked for cover.

Maybe I should go get you some water.

Candidates whose nomination was rejected have five days to appeal.

Everyone's gone home.

Mine is bigger than yours.

I can sense how worried you are.

Oxygen is needed for combustion.

Marnix was a sadistic father.

But while we will never know fully what causes somebody to take the life of another, we do know what makes life worth living. [...] Our time here is limited and it is precious.

That's done.


You are fantastic.

I sprained my finger while playing volleyball.

He was eliminated before he got to the finals.


This is unequivocally the worst meal I have ever had.

We were late for school because it rained heavily.

Blake graduated from college in 2003.

Can you tell me what to do?

I'm going to visit her.

An old belief is sometimes still widely current.

Don't go near the dog.

Lower your voices!

I think Stewart is willing.

I was there with him.

What is the difference between a piano and a fish?


Except for a few mistakes, his composition is perfect.

We hurried to the airport, but we missed the plane.

Donal was a good boxer.

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They also saw him.

The doctor prescribed some medicine for her cold.

I go to the store to motivate my mom.

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There's always time.

That reminded me of you.

The criminal was arrested by two police officers.


Nhan is a karate expert.

I don't think Kaj is capable of doing that.

I've lost notion of time.

They haven't invited me - I came because I felt like it.

Ariel is drenched.

They could see nothing.

Those children are in exuberant spirits.

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I love living with you.

Clare and Eddy couldn't forgive themselves.

There are consequences.

I guess you didn't know.

Isabelle asked Rajiv to speak more slowly.


I could barely contain my indignation at her impudence.


I'm sure that's not what you want to do.

He regularly trains with bodybuilding equipment.

In fact, it had been a long time since I'd seen you.

Give me one reason why I shouldn't do that.

It's hard to tell Englishmen from Americans just by the way they look.


Malloy held up the bottle to see how much wine was left.

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There's a beach party tonight.

Let me see your ticket.

"Are you going to put this on Kongregate?" "Yes, there is a two-week period where the game will only be available on Armor Games since they're sponsoring it, but I will upload it to Kongregate after that."

I'm just tagging along for the ride.

Tigger picked up that habit from his father.


He gave up under the severe training he faced.


They experienced a pain in their legs.

Why do I have to talk to her?

She speaks Arabic.

I told Duane I'm from Boston.

I do programming in PHP

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Is this your obsession?

That wasn't them.

Barney asked Walt to warm up some leftovers.

Water freezes at zero degrees Celsius.

The earth is about six times as large as the moon.

I've lost my filling.

Her story turned out to be true.

I live in Australia.

Whose car is that?

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They're taking us for cash cows.


I went to Boston by car.

He is too cautious to try anything new.

Did everything go well?

Dan was introduced to Senator Linda Jones.

Hirofumi said he used to know Neil.

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What did you buy from me?

If you wish for peace, prepare for war.

When was it that Chris visited Pratt in the hospital?

Find something you can do that is not for yourself alone, and in that sharing your unique light will also come through.

I just had breakfast with them.

I want to leave Boston.

We want one thing.


She is studying fine art at school.


The officer blamed him for neglecting his duty.

It's been three years since he died.

I was only kidding about that.

I don't think we can expect someone else to solve our problems.

He will be back before long.

Nichael used to be obstinate.

How long do you think the meeting will last?


I've got this thing pretty well figured out.


I love sucking the marrow from the bones; it's even better than the meat on the bones.

Luc made a noise.

Barry made us do the work.

When PC problems slow you down, what can you do?

I think Jared is a bit eccentric.

Sri has no hair on his chest.

I want you to suffer.


This soup is too thin for me.


Yumi is happy, isn't she?

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I could hardly sleep last night.

All our blood passes through our kidneys about sixty times a day.

The sunset is really beautiful here.


Why do you think I'm sitting here?


Is it possible Shari could've done it?

We can't afford mistakes.

Oh, if I could see Jarvis's face once more in my life.

Please forward the document to the administrative office for review.

Gretchen looked concerned.


Cristi knew that Vincent wasn't friendly.

We cannot tell how much that great statesman has done for his country.

There are no exceptions to this rule.

Now she was so weak, but the crane made Sadako feel stronger inside.

You have only to read a few pages of this book.

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We wear wool in winter.

The picnic was called off because of the rain.

What do you think she's dreaming about?

Damone's attitude is quite simple to understand.

I'll be staying here for a week.


Wade had his hair cut really short.


The race developed into a free-for-all but Shinomiya lapped the group and in the final stage steadily piled on points with good timing to achieve victory.

I don't want them in this room.

I'm near the on ramp to 25 north.

I'm out of time.

I asked him.

Do cats dream?

Here is Japan.

They helped each other with homework.

He is a right person who can drive a hard bargain.

Do you know how to reach him?

You must listen to it.

He doesn't like to lose.

I tried to act naturally.

Both Bill and Mac are crazy about computers.

Cristina really likes playing the guitar.

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Tomorrow we'll get our proof.


Globally, around 26 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean every year.


Composting helps the environment.

It's warm.

All plants need water and light.

Because of the storm, we weren't able to arrive at the appointed time.

I appreciate your offer.

I don't know what to say.

She and I usually agree.