Michel apologized for not coming earlier.

Apart from a small portion of people, everyone uses the internet more than once a week.


That child resembles his father.

Why did you call me at this unearthly hour?

Let's have a party with members of the tennis club.

I'm very tired.

I only wish I were able to help.

Tandy will tell you when he feels like it.

I have never eaten with chopsticks.


You're truthful.


He reported his accident to the police.

I don't want to make promises I can't keep.

I'd never say that.

I asked the doctor some questions.

That time was really fun.


Stuart doesn't like that kind of music.

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I took the opportunity to visit Rome.


Terrence can't hide the truth anymore.

The house fell down one week later.

I think that song sounds better in French.

You seem to understand us.

She did her duty.


The weather's rather jolly today.


Your moon returns.

Everyone was quite satisfied.

I don't believe just anyone.

I've got nothing to do with it.

We want to have again our old Kaiser Wilhelm. But the one with the beard, with the long beard.

The organisers of the marathon said that the event would go ahead, regardless of the weather conditions.

Jussi told me not to say anything.

I believed every word he said.

Get the fuck out of here.


Reiner will get better.

It cannot always be perceived by the naked eye.

I listened to music.

Ralf is taking care of it for us.

Let us pray that this violent crisis would soon be over.

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Who are these guys?


That gave her an idea.

I just wanted to be with her.

Raanan is a really nice guy.

How can I prevent my cat from killing birds?

I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up with Amedeo.


Luc was alone.

Laurence's new assistant can type very fast.

This is the heaviest snowfall we have ever had.


I'd like to pay for this with my Visa card.


Penny was the only one who didn't have a driver's license.

The plane took off at 2:30.

May I go out to play when I have read this book?

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I have a stand-alone personal computer.


Joel won't go unless Aimee goes with him.

It looks Egyptian.

This is my account book.


An image is worth a thousand words.

My one wish is that the world could have an international language.

Pratap wasn't happy about the situation.

I can't live without music.

Irfan doesn't know anything about this, does he?


Do you drink green tea?

He already did that.

The cold won't harm these animals.

The moon began to show her pale face from behind the clouds.

By the end of the trip we were very thirsty.

Things got strange.

We'll let you know.


Thank you for your assistance.

They understood that.

It is a good idea.


I'm out of breath.

What's going on?

How is it possible to reconcile work and private life?

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"He seemed like he was kind of flirting with you." "You think?"

We call the mountain Tsurugidake.

It's a guest room equipped with soundproofing with an emphasis on privacy.

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I don't know how long I'll be in Boston.


Cut the power!

She gained fifty pounds after she got married.

They would run.

Kikki hardly ever talks to anyone.

Tricia tore up the letter.

The desire to fly in the sky like a bird inspired the invention of the airplane.

I don't know where I'd begin.

The climate affected his health.

Look at this.

I will meet you in the hotel foyer.

By the way, how many of you are keeping a diary?

I'm studying Farsi.

You may use my typewriter if you want to.


After he was injured in an accident, he could no longer walk.

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A few days later, Gerald found a new job.

I want to know what you did this summer.

Mr Green is a teacher of history.


I can't help feeling that Jos hasn't told me the whole truth.

As for me, I think the play was quite interesting.

An apple tree provides an apple.


Anyone who creates hassle should leave.

Horst is insincere.

We haven't been able to achieve that.

Lawrence couldn't tell the difference.

Gabriel was killed in a car accident last night.

The hose didn't work.

Erick's father complains about the injustice of the capitalist social system.

We appreciate your time.

I think that he's trying to impress the girl who lives next door.

Three weeks went by with no sign of Suwandi.

It could be heroin.

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Talking of classical music, who is your favorite composer?

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What do you think if we buy mangos for lunch?

Who will they choose?

Kelly thought it was a good idea.

One can tell by his accent that he's German.

I told you to keep silent.

Vladislav wants to get his driver's license as soon as he can.

I think it is worthwhile to see this film twice.

The war had entered its final stage.

Almost everything has been improved.

Repetition does not transform a lie into a truth.

He stood aside for her to enter.

At seventy, he is still active.

We participated in the athletic meet of our company.

Do you like Celtic music?

A large cask of wine had been dropped and broken, in the street.


Piete wants to become a doctor.

Marie reached for the bottle.

I'd like to visit England someday.


I'd like to ask you about a patient you treated.

I'm just looking out for her.

Is Casey a member?

She just blew it off.

I have some cravings.

Surely you don't believe that.

Maybe that's true, but it's irrelevant.

Don't bother me anymore.

Moses isn't leaving.

How much is that over there?

I should wake up Malcolm.

Why do we have to learn all this much?

I suggest that we hold off on making a decision until all bids are in.

Pedro wrote his number on a piece of paper and handed it to Tovah.

Do you mind handing me the hammer?

She bit off more than she could chew and was laughed at.

It's exactly as I expected.

My salary was high this month.

I owe Jeannie big time.

I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention. What did you say?

The house was in a blaze.


Which team are you on?

We're open for business.

Dwayne seems to have made up his mind about something.

I think Those is rich.

I marveled at the golfer's skill.

Rotten wood cannot be carved; walls of dung cannot be worked with a trowel.

My sister's going to kill me.


I predicted it.

We did have a deal.

I wish I were a millionaire.

The aquifer is Florida's main source of drinking water.

I hope we learn something interesting today.

Liz got owned.

She looked at a floating cloud.

I don't need lawyers.

A sound sleep made me feel much better.

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Will was hospitalized.

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Claude is extremely trustworthy.