She seems to have left for Tokyo yesterday.


Theo is a smart boy.

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I've discovered the victim's identity.

A man who has knowledge of a secret weapon has placed himself behind the eight ball.

Bell lived in London, right?


They will not accompany the children to school.

These are graded on a hundred-point scale.

Can you handle all this?

How did that feel?

It was hot yesterday.


The water is beautiful.

I shall keep on painting until the sun sets.

When I got home, I realized I had lost my wallet.

We don't have any other choice.

You must relax.


"Have you met him?" "No, but I've met his wife."


Syed doesn't know how to reply.

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There are a number of superficial reasons.

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Jesse doesn't know how much Irvin loves him.


What's the cause?

Mann saw a snake slither across the path.

Isn't it interesting?


How could anyone not love Sofia?

She lived a long life.

We were kidnapped.

He always relies on other people.

What we have to do is convince Patrice.


What stroke of genius must a child have to learn to play the piano?


My older sister gave me an iPhone, but I don't know how to use it.

I'm only a little bit of an alcoholic. I don't drink that much, I only drink on special occasions.

Tran pushed the door shut.

Pierre wants to say something to you.

Julius is out at the moment.


Juvenile delinquency is increasing.


You shouldn't have given Mongo a gun.


We were just talking about your problem.

Margaret is secretive, isn't he?

She is a member of this organization.

Naren didn't have anything to say on that subject.

I went to Paris.

They made crude jokes.

She had a flower in her hand.


He drives a Lotus.

The machine has stopped working.

Are you really just giving up?


Okay, I'll drop it.

Hard work has made him what he is.

Harry certainly came out of that mess smelling like a rose.

It seems my clock is slightly off.

In the morning he too was found dead.


Can you send the bellboy up?


There's no way I can make it up to you.


Would you mind terribly making me a cup of coffee?

Fletcher made me laugh.

Something caught Anderson's eye.

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You've been doing a good job.


Ninja received a standing ovation.


I don't want to see her now.

I know what they said.

We can see thousands of stars in the sky.

I don't want to interrupt Ti while he's working.

Are you going to stay long?

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Yes. We should be very careful.

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Do any of you want to volunteer?

The suspect was taken into custody.

You shouldn't have backed down.

Ken is good at swimming.

She was nearly without any money.

What is going on here?

I have some great news.

When was the last time you invited guests?

I know that in professional life,personal feelings should be put aside.


He works at a restaurant in Japan.

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She learned to ride a bicycle last year.

How did I miss this?

He told his son to get down from the ladder.

I brought you hot chocolate.

No one's looking.

They know many things.

Earth has mountains, forests, fields, animals and people.

Is it close to the capital?

We want to hire you.


A person without faith is frightening.


Jingbai went to the brothel.

Kamel wanted to lose five pounds before summer vacation.

She glanced around.


I knew this wouldn't work.


I'll have a white wine, please.


Gordon seems stupid.

Get me the key.

Suddenly there was a sudden squeak somewhere. It was very sudden. Sudden... Try saying that word fifty times then using it in a sentence...

The most instinctive act of nearly every creature is to protect its young, and with humans, this response persists for a lifetime.

As a nationalist feeling, real Japanese think that the heart of their language is the phonemic Kana, not the logographic Kanji.


You must be tired.

Aren't you convinced?

Jeffery didn't do the dishes.


Take her to surgery.

This job fulfils my expectations.

These suitcases are really heavy.

It's totally true.

One of my friends is studying abroad.

Would you mind if I left early?

It took just an hour.


Is there anything else you want from me?

Evan looked around nervously.

He beat the odds and was successful.

My relationship with Huey isn't your concern.

I'm Gregg's father.

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I thought I had nothing to lose.

We can't compete with that.

Your style is outdated, try not to dress like an old lady.


How much time do we have before we leave?


He acted on my advice.

Jesper took Brender into the house.

Moe is a bit of a sissy.

Brandon didn't find it.

There's nothing unusual about that.

What'll it be, Boyd?

When I see him, I think of my grandfather.


He's very jealous of his wife.


What shall we play?

He is looking at the photo of his friend.

I am bound to attend the meeting.


You seem to know about it already.


Barbra tried to act casual.

The days are growing longer.

He would do anything for you.


I want you to respect me.

If there's anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Clark could tell by the way Gypsy slammed the door that he wasn't happy.

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Was I polite enough?

I can't do without tobacco.

The penny eventually dropped!

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He glanced at the clock.

The composition has been written hurriedly, so it's probably full of errors.

I'm going to head back home.


That's the worst mug shot I've ever seen.

Try to make something cool every day.

I asked Konrad not to tell Nguyen.


We wash with soap.


Saify closed his diary after writing about that day's events.

Spring will soon come.

Kees walked out of the movie.

It was a terrible thing to do.

I didn't want to lose her.


One of them is a spy.


I gave Eugene the day off.


Duke didn't know what Jeannie was cooking.