Does Bryan swim every day?

You ruined my life.

Ro wants to be like me.

I need to ask you to leave.

At which university are you studying?

I want them beaten up.

I do not like any of these hats.

The uniforms are different from those of our school.

Manny tricked Hon into telling him the combination to the safe.

He put himself to much trouble on my behalf.

I need your answer before the day's over.

Rodger nodded immediately.


There is an oven to bake bread in the kitchen.

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Where are the knives?

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True art of life is to see the extraordinary amongst the ordinary.

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I'd like to turn off the reading lamp, is that OK?

Of the bad one always hears more than of the good.

I'm still waiting for them.

Answer the telephone, will you?

Alex has lived in Boston for quite some time now.


You need not have helped my son with his homework.

She's our neighbour.

I think you should wait for us.

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We'll get through this just fine.

Wait just a little bit, will be done immediately!

Get with the program, Spencer.

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He is always preparing.


It's great that you like to be good, to grow, to evolve; however, doing it at the cost of others or undervaluing his or her work is unforgivable. Who commits it is, in fact, in decadence rather than ascension.

They insist that he should go.

This afternoon we will have an interview.


I wonder what to make for dinner.


Does this look familiar?

The stars were brilliant in the clear night sky.

Mats handed a cup to Del.

Don't let him sleep.

Don't let the pan boil dry.

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I ran for mayor.

You must talk to them.

Jonathan picked up a stone and threw it at Nou.

I have mislaid my baggage.

Are you going to ask her or not?


Fires happen all the time in this area.

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How can we spread Esperanto?

Billie talks quite a lot.

It is a hall rather than a room.


That's what I tried to tell Peggy.


My courage failed me at the crucial moment.

I don't have the slightest idea what to do.

The valley was starred with yellow flowers.

I like taking care of animals very much.

He reluctantly agreed.


To point out the flaws of others while forgetting one's own is ignorance itself.

She is a very attractive woman.

Two people say they heard a gunshot.

Part doesn't like Axel very much.

I'm just trying to consider all possibilities.

This isn't a good place to pitch a tent.

My sister is my sister. I am who I am.

My neighbor found a cache of ancient Roman coins using his metal detector.

The language website was shut down temporarily for maintenance.

I don't want anyone to touch this.

Under the circumstances, I don't think Jakob would mind.


Tell him to take a hike.

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I tilted my camera at a better angle.

What's your opinion about the linguistic policy of the European Union?

Suzanne handed Pierette a glass of red wine.

It would have been better if you had waited yesterday.

Everyone smiled at her.

Stop crying. You have to go.

You'd better not go.

At the moment I'm looking for work.

We filled the pitcher to the brim.

He wants vengeance.

We'll call you later.

"We wish to create a neutral basis on which the various peoples of humanity could be peacefully and fraternally communicating with each other, not reciprocally imposing racial compartmentalization on each other."

This movie is terrible.


Have I ever lied to you?

You can't please everybody, because not everyone is human.

Rolfe is wasting his talents.

That's up to them, not me.

The smell's making me sick.

Love comes slowly and gradually to some, it abruptly surprises others like an arrow.

This isn't the right way to do this.


Sanche hasn't been around much.

Bob plays not only the guitar but also the flute.

The teacher gave me full marks for math.

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She had been planting roses for two hours when he came.

Should we wait for them?

She called him back to give him something he had left behind.

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I'll rinse your mouth out with soap!

I was going to write to you, but I was too busy.

The city is two miles away.

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Don't ever talk to me again.

Can I talk to Janos alone?

I keep a large dictionary close at hand when I read English magazines.

Leora is under guard.

He's afraid to involve himself in paying large sums.

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I would have said the same thing.


Dinner will be ready when you arrive.

Would you like to know how I did that?

Valerie doesn't really plan to do that, does he?

Ricardo is determined to do something.

When I heard that, I put two and two together.

Let me tell you about her.

Such scientists as Einstein are rare.


It's only a sin if you get caught.

Tony and I played together yesterday.

We'll share our food with them.

It's you I've come for.

Do you go to school on Sundays?

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The smoke rose from the campfire and wafted silently through the pine trees.

Metin put me on the payroll.

You're on the wrong bus.

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We're not coming.

Do you go to school by bus?

Stop that right now.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.

It's very hard for me to trust anyone.


Excuse me for interrupting you.

The words " solar system" refer to the Sun and all of the objects that travel around it. These objects include planets, natural satellites such as the Moon, the asteroid belt, comets, and meteoroids.

I hope it was a prank!

Helen rushed into the house.

I'm sure my wallet was on top of the dresser.

It is possible to determine a rock's age thanks to radioactive elements.

The train was running at full speed.

We stood at the door and waited.

I don't doubt that you're afraid.

Who told you where my house is?

I can't see the difference.

Ofer wants justice.

Do you believe it?


A heron, a crab, lots of fish and other creatures used to live in a pond.


I was extremely disappointed to see our national soccer team suffer a historic loss.


Excuse me, how much does this cost?

The restaurant we went to wasn't as expensive as I expected it to be.

You can count on me to be there by 10:00.

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Griff's children are downstairs.

The prisoners fled from the concentration camp.

God, you piss me off. You completely ruined the moment.

I don't have any free time today.

Ring the bell.

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I didn't expect anything.

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Pierce didn't have to be here.

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Specifications and price are subject to change.

He signed off from wine.

What's your best friend's name?


We may as well stay here till the weather improves.

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Sandy's very effusive.

He slept under a tree.

Have you read the whole paper from beginning to end?

Woody didn't feel like telling everybody why he was leaving.

Why do you say such horrible things about me?

The next holiday falls on a Sunday.

How are you doing? I haven't seen you for an age!

Susanne forgot to wear gloves.

Coleen's wife has left him.

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Pantelis's hallucinating.

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We ran a hundred-meter dash.

Caoimhe has a big dog.

Will you step this way, please?