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Dr. James R Patch

Dr. Patch, a qualified physician and dental surgeon, has undertaken the necessary sub-specialty training to enable him to help diagnose and treat OSA in conjunction with the sleep specialist doctors and the respiratory therapists at the sleep lab in Royal Inland Hospital. He has taken the necessary courses to qualify...

Dentist - Physician in Kamloops, BC

If you're living in Kamloops or the surrounding area and suffering from a sleep disorder, visiting a sleep dentist could help you resolve your issues. At the office of Dr. Randy Patch, Sleep Apnea Physician/Dentist, we strive to help our patients restore the quality of their sleep so that they can lead healthier, more active lives. We want to be known for our:

Dr. Patch works in conjunction with qualified sleep physicians to thoroughly assess and diagnose any sleep disorder. Our friendly and helpful office will help you with any paperwork and advise for extended medical benefits plans. We are currently accepting new patients and we will try to make scheduling according to your requirements

Regardless of the severity of your disorder, we'll provide you with a choice of appropriate treatment options. Dr. Patch strives to help patients in Kamloops, BC, who are suffering from sleep disorders. To find out more, give the office of Dr. Randy Patch, Sleep Apnea Physician/Dentist a call today.

Office Hours:

Patients are seen in the consultation office by appointment only, as Dr. Patch also works at the Royal Inland Hospital, the Kamloops Surgical Center, and as an associate dentist at the dental office of Dr. Maureen Murray.

Sleep consultations are generally scheduled for Tuesday mornings and on Thursdays. If necessary, other consultation times may be scheduled by special arrangement with our office.

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