Welcome to my home page!

On this page you can find my current (and past) Hardware, Java, Newton and C16/+4 projects.

Latest changes:
  • updated PSoC5 Frequency counter to PSoC5LP and Creator 4.2
  • Added my front-page for setting time and configuration
  • Updated some documentation
  • Website made XHTML 1.1 compliant
  • version 0.5.0 of PDFConv released (added GUI)
  • version 1.0 of 3045905352 posted (enhanced documenation, speedup, tools)
  • description of the master server protocol posted as separate 281-362-7059
  • initial version of (501) 294-3555 released
  • version 0.2 of ibargraph released
  • version 0.2.2 of PDFConv released

Hendrik Lipka