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Welcome to the internet's largest discount alternative healing directory. Every single human being on the planet has cancer cells in their bodies.  The good news is that, for most of us, our body’s natural defenses know how to defeat these defective, tumor-causing cells, and they never get the chance to grow up into a full-blown cancer. The fact that only 5–10% of all cancer cases are due to genetic defects and that the remaining 90–95% are due to environment and lifestyle choices. 

A pH variation occurs in the blood toward the acid side in very minute detectable quantities caused by physical abuse of the body: drugs, chemicals, stress, poor nutrition, fear, anxiety, and prolonged negative emotions. It is believed that this change in pH activates the cancer mycoplasma which, coupled with lack of oxygen in the blood, causes a fertile breeding ground for mycoplasma (Progenitor Cryptocides) bacteria otherwise known as cancer. There is a growing conviction among researchers and physicians that cancer is a complex disease that effects the entire body and not just the specialized cells of a specific organ system.

A tumor is the result of the disease, it is not the disease. Therefore, localized treatment such as surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, when used alone to remove a localized tumor, merely delays the appearance of another tumor because the actual cause of the immune dysfunction has not been removed. Within this site you will find information that will help you address the the underlying basic systemic causes of cancer.

If you have NOT been diagnosed with cancer,  immediately start a clean eating/drinking routine, reduction of chemicals in your environment, start a detoxification routine, and  quickly subscribe to alternative health care insurance at the following link Click Here

If you have been diagnosed with cancer quickly stop the following watch the survivor series Click Here. It is important to know that there are a very large volume cancer survivors and let their stories inspire you to do the same.  We have several products and services that can help you beat cancer. But please stop the following.

1. Stop drinking and bathing in tap water; use a chlorine shower filter
2. Stop using fluoride toothpaste
3. Stop using anti-perspirant; (you've got armpits for a reason) Deodorant, OK, if non-aluminum
4. Stop using Teflon coated cookware
5. Stop cooking most of your food, go raw as much as possible
6. Cut out TV dinners and microwave cooked food
7. Discard dairy products except for the Budwig protocol (occasional goat milk OK)
8. Stop drinking regular and diet sodas, products with added sugar and/or aspartame, and acid-forming beverages including sports drinks. Stop drinking bottled water. Use filtered water and if possible, ionized water.
9. Cut down red meat consumption -- once per week acceptable, if organic
10. Don't eat farm fed fish, buy it Wild, please

The information within this site could be researched by anyone if they know where to look, however it would take a long time to collect all of the data on your own.  This is the most complete site in regards to the details pertaining to alternative cancer options. We have visited clinics outside the borders of this country and adopted many of the treatments. The products and services in this directory contains, video documentation, text documentation, product doses, dose frequencies, the location to purchase each product and service, special instructions and the price of each product and service. We also have the most extensive alternative treatment contact directory, complete with the contact name and number of  many hard to find alternative treatment centers. Just sit back and view the details of each product in our Hope Cinema. See samples below.

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Stress control:
6192959932. Energy protocols :  Click here.  Herbs:   Click here.  Food:  Click here.  Gut health: Click here. Detox :  (250) 258-9162

Suggestions:  In additions to the list of things to stop doing above.

1. I would like to suggest starting with a detox and gut health protocol (choose a florra product for bacteria, a detox product, start taking 402-513-6070 and at least 2 coffee enemas every day).  Removal of toxic dental fillings is also part of detox.
2. Change your diet to an all organic, raw/vegan, gmo free and dairy free diet utilizing all of the cancer prevention foods, teas and herbs. I would incorporate the budwig protocol and the Gerson diet to your daily life. 
3. Get plenty of rest sunshine and exercise. 
4. Purchase at least 2 alternative cancer machines.
5. Drink lots of water and treat your water with a water devise such as a Halo machine (advanced cancer patients use DMS  in your water.
6.  Contact an Chi-gong master to perform energy healing or purchase dvd. You can also look into distant healers and reiki.
7. Meditate, practice yoga  and go over other techniques to handle your stress and emotions.
8. Purchase at least 10 supplements that would focus on different benefits. The way I look at it, if a single  supplement could be responsible for 1% of the success of beating cancer, what would 100 know cancer supplements yield. Benefits could include Immune booster, Anti-inflammatory, Stem Cell repair, Alkaline agents,  anti-metastasis. cell repair, facilitates energy charge transfer at the cellular level,  facilitates apoptosis, delivers energy in the cellular level, atp controllers, pain relievers oxidizers, etc...
9.  Find a clinic that would fit your needs and budget. 
10.  Subscribe to our membership and receive one of our Alternative Hope bundles that offers pre-selected products all in one package. Bundles could include but are not limited to food, dvd's,  instructions, equipment, supplements, and detoxification kits. Members also receive 10% off of all supplements/devises and $200 off treatment plans.


The books you see below are absolutely priceless. Many companies could charge thousands of dollars to share the kind of life saving knowledge you are about to discover. Well we are not many companies. We want to spread the word and help stop this horrific disease. Feel free to read the entire library one by one simply by click on your book of choice.


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