No.4 Commando

World war 2 Realism Unit



Why choose us?

When somebody joins the No.4 Commando unit they're already guaranteed a unique, immersive experience.
Fight the Axis powers and save the free world using the historical gear, weapons and vehicles of the WW2 Era. Gun down entire enemy squads behind your Bren gun, or sneak up on an enemy patrol with your SMG, or jump out a plane into the most iconic scenarios whilst pushing deep behind enemy lines.

The possibilities are endless.

On one side the unit is supported by skilled and fast-growing developers, on the other hand it also has great mission makers and custom content creators, who make for an extra-degree of immersion when it comes to staging an operation.


Join the unit


All of our operations begin at 7:30PM and normally last until 10:00PM (British Time)

Our operation days are the followings: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.


  1. Age: you must be at least 16 years old, anyone younger will undergo a probation period of a few weeks time;
  2. Attendance: should be able to attend at least two operations per week in a normal situation;
  3. Exclusivity: applicants must not be part of any other ArmA Units upon joining.


If successful, our recruiters team will contact you as soon as possible

While you wait for your results feel free to download our mod collection or browse the rest of this website and learn more about the Commandos.

Good luck with your application, we hope to see you on the battlefield soon!
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