How can I remove the spots of blood from the shirt?

Herbert is tall and looks strong.

How does Turkeer fit into this?

I'll try and contact him now.

Panzer spends all his time thinking about sports.

I could look at this for hours.


The Sun appears to move across the sky because the Earth rotates on its axis.

Lenny is aggressive.

It was easy to obtain.

We have a deadline.

Either he is to blame, or I am.

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She never saw her brother again.

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The national road toll has dropped, due in part to the fact that modern cars are safer.

Get out of my life and never return.

I'm just asking you to think about it.

Would you take that away?

Did you see the solar eclipse yesterday?

Do you want to work at a hamburger joint all your life?

I'm not speaking to her.

To my great delight, he won the first prize.

Imogen of the Internet can connect to dial-up BBSes by whistling into a funnel attached to a phone line.

Everyone is scared.

What's the matter with her?

My legs are as heavy as lead.

Would you really want to do that?

What to do next is our question.

In a way, life is a cruel thing. It holds major problems in store for each one of us.


What made you do what you did?


Shatter couldn't find Clayton.

I didn't start to go bald until I turned thirty.

Peggy did not go to see the drama, and neither did I.


It came to a heated exchange of words.

She took a taxi to the museum.

Will you drink some tea?

The Romans latinized Gaul.

Why did you say what you said?

Bacchus has drowned more men than Neptune.

How many times do I have to tell you that Tatoeba is not a human being?

If he is tired, let him go to sleep.

Before they grasp what is happening to them, the police will arrest them.


He likes Indian food.

Lester lives near a beach, so he goes swimming almost every day in the summer.

I appreciate everything Rolf has done for us.

I hope you're having a fabulous day and we need to celebrate our birthdays together soon!

I met her on my way to school.

The doctor advised that she take a holiday.

I must admit that things are looking quite optimistic.

As a last precaution, I put a flashlight into my pack.

That automobile was going very fast.

It's hot today.

"Do you like strawberries?" "Sure. I love them."


The U.S. Secretary of State is trying to broker a ceasefire between the warring parties.

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I think this is better.


She asked for my permission to use the telephone.


We were told Jingbai is in danger.

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Can you speak French like her?

The climate has much to do with our mind and body.

As soon as I get paid I will pay you back.


Peggy bought a Chinese-Japanese dictionary.

Clifford finally got a text from Sugih.

Why is swimming not permitted here?

You need to press the button.

Blair never lost hope.


It is true that he has a habit of inventing lies.

Dimitry is out of control, you know.

Can I ask a quick question?

I just don't feel satisfied.

There's a big package on the desk for you.

She was kind enough to show me the way.

He interviewed the suspect today.


What caused these injuries?

When all was said and done, the world was not destroyed on December 21, 2012.

No one's been here.

The students pay keen attention.

I want you out of here by tomorrow.

Murray knows something is wrong.

Do not be afraid to kill Edward; it is good.

You're supposed to be helping him.

Washington is the capital of the United States.

The coming of chaos is inevitable.

Maybe it's the low air pressure that means you get drunk more easily on planes.

Everyone says that the food at this restaurant is very good.

After winning all the matches, he got the title of champion.

Let me explain it to them.

I never should've let you go.

Your feelings are important.

I'll give up smoking.

I always laugh at funerals.

I gave money to the old man in the road.

Jenine has made up his mind to buy that car.

Beckie has put on weight since the last time I saw him.


Do I have to talk to her?

I don't want everyone to know.

Charlene is learning how to drive a car.


I probably would've done the same thing that Micky did.

Cash is better.

I'm going to make this work.

Tahsin is very impolite.

The Latin alphabet is used to write Esperanto, English, French and many other European languages. The Cyrillic alphabet is used to write in Russian and Bulgarian, among others. However, one can write Serbo-Croatian in either Cyrillic or Latin characters.

We saw cows grazing in the meadow.

Rahul goes to Boston three times a month.


They ate sandwiches for lunch.


"Don't forget to write after you've left." "All right, I'll write you once every four days."

Just settle down.

She tried again to fix the earring into her ear.

Do you understand why?

He told us to set off at once.

How much more do we need?

He put the blame upon me.

And it doesn't take long to go downhill.

This is not a time for celebration.

He wanted to know how it tasted, so he bit off a little piece.

I met her on Friday the 13th.


Did you buy anything for him?

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Let's not beat around the bush.


Eddie wants to keep marginalized people out of public places.

Friends are our link with a bigger world.

Help me clean out the garage.

You must study five pages per day.

When both girls told John they had feelings for him, he was in a quandary as to which girl he should be with.

My mother loves to eat cottage cheese.

That, while regrettable, is true.

Where are you taking us?

Don't cut young trees.

Are you still here?

It's best to steer clear of him.

Luxurious place!

He knows how to fell a tree.

Are you paying too much for your car insurance?

The woman on the bench is Mrs. Brown.

Are you with someone?

The man grinned widely and paid the bill. He then drank all of the beer left in his glass in one gulp, while standing.

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I can't pay him today.

He passed among the crowd.

You're really an angel!

Vassos is a decent sort of guy.

Raanan glanced left and right.

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There were five patients in the waiting room.

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Let me give you a little advice.

He was in a bad mood, which was rare for him.

Pierette's car stalled when the lights turned green and the car behind ran into the back of him.

I live there by myself.

I don't believe there is anything in the whole earth that you can't learn in Berlin except the German language.


I have no idea of how to send a fax.

How in the world did you do such a thing?

It should be a little easier next time.


This isn't my money.


Since he doesn't feel well today, he can't come to the office.


I don't want to go to the bank.

I'll ask Barbra.

Twelve years old is old for a dog.

A fine view burst upon our sight.

Hirotoshi rooted through her purse, but didn't find what she was looking for.

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I can't protect Pratap.

A trip to the Riviera should do you good.

As soon as I'm back in Shanghai, I'll cook up a delicious meal of rice noodles with crab.

Can you give me a minute of your time?

He's smart, but arrogant.

Phiroze will always love you.

What an ego!

You should ask Bryan directly.

I began playing golf years ago.

Warren was convicted of manslaughter.

She was asked to convince him to paint the house.


Is there anywhere special in Australia you want to go?


At least try to come on time.

I thought you'd never ask.

He has a persecution complex.