I'm pretty good at imitating Sedovic.

Is that important?

The price of the meal includes a service charge.


Charlie Chaplin is an actor.


Japanese and American forces were still fighting bitterly.

I preferred to write in English.

Everyone loves puppets.

Look at how worn out he is! He literally can't keep his eyes open!

They are going to bring out "Romeo and Juliet" this coming fall.


Your ideas are quite old fashioned.

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It took you long enough to get here.

Manjeri might help you if you ask him politely.

Nobody asked them.

That was absolutely awesome!

Remain at your post until relieved.

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Carlos isn't here now.

You're a very sensitive guy, aren't you?

Thanks to them, I will have no problem.

You're embarrassing yourselves.

That's why I can't help you.


The problem is that religion tends to give people bad reasons to be good.

Tell her you're sick.

I think she's from Austria.

Nature shows us only the tail of the lion. But there is no doubt in my mind that the lion belongs to it even if he cannot reveal himself to the eye all at once because of his enormous size. We see him only the way a louse sitting upon him would.

I want to be more independent.

She dangled her feet in the water.

I am sorry, but he didn't call.

That surprises you, doesn't it?

They're of human origin.

Will he be able to catch the train?

I'm deaf and mute while I'm eating.

It was expected.

He will not have given you anything.

Is this your obsession?

I'm going to take her home.

Indra certainly isn't as popular as he used to be.

We had a very nice Christmas with Gene and his family.

The good news is that you're not going to die.

We'll never get them to agree.

The duty chemist is open on Sunday morning.

Rajesh always tries to eat healthy food.

Jon spoke to Johnathan quietly.

Did you see what Robert did?

Francis has been trying to get Gregge to marry him ever since he graduated from high school.

They look alike except for the color of their hair.

They set fire to their neighbour's house in revenge.

My mother worked hard in order to raise us.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen!

Police officers throw tear gas at protesters outside congress.

Charley and Jay were neighbors, but seldom saw each other.

How did you know Harv was going to die?

They want us to believe that we are in a democracy.

There used to be no freedom of the press.

There is green grass on the field.

Did something happen to her?

I would like to see that.

Send Oscar up.

I'll be happy to comply.

People over the age of 18 can drive cars.


That's not important, is it?

The police seized the robber by the neck.

It's not like you knew what they were going to do.

They've heard by chance some suspicious activity in the thicket which indicated that a bear smelled their food also.

There is no room for romance in my life.

I apologized.

What do you guys think of me?

Kitty tried to strike up a conversation.

How are things in Australia?


Mickey is very mean to me.

I've gained over five pounds since I got here.

I can't ensure that she will be here tomorrow.


Do you really think we can do that?


Did you watch this movie?


Pieter walked up to the third floor.

For God's sake tell me the truth.

The taxi fares in Shanghai are expensive.

Stay out of my way.

I had my T-shirt washed.

I love sports, too.

It takes a lot of courage to admit that you're wrong.

This is reasonably priced.

Hilda thought quite highly of you.

He proposed that bicycles be taken away.

We were deeply impressed by the lecturer's eloquent speech.

She was slightly better yesterday.

It took me several hours to open it.

No one shouted.

I want to see Dick now.

I was off work for three weeks.

Even though I know so little about her, I think I'm in love.

When did you notice Kemal wasn't here?

I slightly bent over to choose a coffee and get the change.


Please pass me the salt and pepper.

You'll thank me for this someday.

Who's your favorite TV star?

You believe he is a good doctor, and he is indeed.

I find it difficult to understand French when it's spoken quickly.

That's our house.

I did that yesterday.

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The snow prevented the airplane from taking off.


Each individual soul is such, in virtue of its being a power to translate the world into some particular language of its own.

It's too late for him.

Jarmo couldn't bear the noise.

I wouldn't mind helping her.

I'd have had a heart attack and died.

Briggs is too nosey.

It's an answer to her letter.

Does that matter?

She laid a blanket over him.

May God reward you.

Intensive courses are always the most exhausting.


Tessa is a good violinist.


Did you order any food?

He is to blame for the failure.

I thought I'd never find them.

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My name is Maria Sara.

I'll ask Jess to give me some money.

Enough already!

Who can speak English better, Yoko or Yumi?

Rick is on the blue team and Masanobu is on the red team.


Do not do it reluctantly.

Are you saying I shouldn't be here?

I didn't enjoy it very much.

Shane is flustered.

You're going to like her.

The rock star is an idol of the teenagers.

Please take me to them.

I'm willing to go anywhere you go.

What are you asking me?

Do you mind if I turn off the AC?

Cathryn turned on the air conditioner and the apartment began to cool down.

Why are you building a wall here?

If Prakash's mother hadn't meddled in their marriage, Sumitro and Cristi might still be together.


He's one of a kind.

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Hey, weren't you the one wearing this shirt yesterday?

I look forward to meeting Sal.

I think that watching TV is a waste of time.

You know, maybe we should buy a computer instead.

I'm going to do that first thing tomorrow.

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I told you I'd think of something.

Craig hid the book under his pillow.

That gave me an idea.


The punishment for Allen shall be death.

I own an electric guitar.

You're the only person I know who doesn't eat meat.

My calculator made a mistake.

I told a bedtime story to my daughter.

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I wouldn't want you to get hurt.

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I managed to escape.

Enigmatic mining billionaire Clive Palmer has just been elected to the Australian parliament, with one of the smallest margins in history.

She cannot stop us.

Dinner is pretty much ready.

She cheated on me.

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Shawn signed the document.

Following the docking failure of an unmanned Russian freighter to the International Space Station, its partners are considering a temporary mothballing of the station.

The campers sang songs around the campfire.

It's almost unbreakable.

There's not enough room in here for both Toufic and Kim.

I am very thankful to you for your advice.

I'm a little behind schedule.

What do you say we buy everyone a drink?

Lui is shorter and heavier than John.


Love, which is a wonderful feeling, comes to everyone at some time in their life.

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I want to try.

We watched TV after lunch.

Ken will be fifteen next year.

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You seem to be way too busy.

As usual, he got up early in the morning and jogged.

Then Gerda told her everything, while the old woman shook her head, and said, "Hem-hem."


I feel like death.