Come and see me when you have time.

My life isn't worth living.

With work, we can expand our markets.

I'm going to do some reading.

What was your 21st birthday like?


He grew up in a Christian town.


I've got to see her.


At the age of six he had learned to use the typewriter and told the teacher that he did not need to learn to write by hand.

She hid a necklace.

It's my CD, isn't it?

Do you want to climb the mountain?

The television is making a hissing noise.

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She could not persuade him not to waste half an hour to save a few pennies.

Do you think it was an accident?

You should drive at a safe speed.


Vassos is eager to impart his knowledge.

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How far is it from here to Tokyo?

He is the manager of the marketing department.

Aviaries are sometimes called flight cages because the birds confined therein have room to fly around.


The judge was forced to slam her gavel down multiple times in order to restore order to the court.

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What else do you need?

Cyrus translated a French novel into English.

Did you do the decorating?

Cheaters never prosper.

We collected coffee cups.

It is Laurianne's ambition to go to the moon.

There was a momentary pause in the talk.

Only 3 out of the 98 passengers survived.

They carried on with the construction in the face of strong opposition from the residents.


Spyros expected at least a ten percent return on his investment.


Turn the knob counterclockwise.

Kristin is a wine critic.

Where can I get one of those?


Am I hired?

She forgot that she had promised to call him last night.

You don't have to pay for an apartment in advance.

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Got the tools in my pocket.

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That's a nice picture.


Instead of throwing away your old furniture, why don't you give it to charity?


The pasta was literally swimming in butter.

I will be in London by this time tomorrow.

I miss his lessons so much.

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Don't mess with Alberto.

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That was a good decision.

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You should obey the traffic rules.


Time's running out.

Where did you get these delicious apples?

Where do I get the subway?

She had the whole summer off that year.

How do you get on with your parents?

You better sleep.

The rain kept the fire from spreading.

I don't see why we can't just watch.

Lynn might just as well go home.

The bank director was held in high regard.

I followed what you told me word for word.

This isn't a new development.

Is that too hard?

Keep a tally of what you owe.

He was ignorant of the plot to assassinate him.

I'll go on living without you.

Shouldn't we be wearing hard hats?

I haven't seen Tiefenthal in weeks.

Winnie is the right man for this job.

I am not afraid of dying due to old age.

The last time I saw Barrio he was wearing a hospital gown.


I need an answer from you before the end of the day.


I think you ought to pay closer attention to details.


After climbing Mt. Fuji, I got the inspiration for a poem.

I just fixed the car yesterday!

What did you decide?

Lea listened to me carefully.

I had to help her.

How's your brother?

He had the room to himself.

I laid my new clothes on the bed.

It was very stuffy.

They're really big.

He is my closest friend; we are like brothers.


These genetically modified bananas are loaded with vitamin A.

Sundar has contributed a lot of money to the charity.

I get the feeling that you want to leave.

The girl's father put her hair in a braid.

Could you show me what you're serving in the buffet?


I leave tomorrow.

Did you win the race?

Marty eats more than I do.


This scientific theory is very controversial.


Why don't you just call a spade a spade and admit that she dumped you for that American guy she met at the English school?

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Hatemongers unite!

Tides are caused by the moon's gravity.

Dylan has issues.

It is getting warmer day by day.

Can we come?

I don't see why.

That is a long pencil.

I'm glad I could help.

Are you trying to escape?

He lives in a gated community.

Christophe has never been to Australia.

John is senior to Robert.

Joe said that he would be here by 2:30.

I don't understand his reluctance to go.

That song speaks to me.


It was under these circumstances that the constitutional crisis began.


The apple cannot be stuck back on the Tree of Knowledge; once we begin to see, we are doomed and challenged to seek the strength to see more, not less.

The misanthrope enjoys his solitude.

The pears we eat in Japan look almost like apples.

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He overdosed on heroin.

Was it a dream?

It took him his entire life to complete his master work.

If you have lied once you will never be believed ever again, even if you are speaking the truth.

I want to stay.

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Elijah does like you.


I look forward to that.

Can you give us some tips on buying a car?

Heather went for a bike ride.

Marcos is so old that even the oldest in the village first knew him as an old man.

I've always been interested in science.

Dan was introduced to Senator Linda Jones.

I am beginning to like Ken little by little.

Would you like some more orange juice?

Would you be interested in going to Angus's party with me?

Can't you keep your dog from coming into my garden?

No harm will come to you.

Miek is only pretending to be sick.

You're in good shape.

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Metin may not be able to do that.

I'll pay you back next week.

I want to serve my country.

Mr. Yoshida knows French History very well.

I'm going to make sure Murthy does what you told him to do.

You have our permission to include our software on condition that you send us a copy of the final product.

Don't spit on the floor!

Shawn has three pieces of baggage.

Do you bake cakes in this oven?

You didn't tell Noemi I was coming, did you?

Prices rose by a whopping.


Norm was laughing hysterically.

Soohong doesn't waste time.

You should stay in bed with your husband.

That was such good a book that I read it three times.

I think that against somebody like that, my seemingly clever techniques would be seen through and then I would be defeated.

He was tired, and yet he went to help them.

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.


How did it end?


I think that's what Leigh did.


We've arrived pretty quickly, haven't we?


Vickie was supposed to be at school today, but he wasn't.


She looked pleased with her new ring.

Those boys are not good at speaking to these girls.

Why don't you get some sleep?

We can do nothing but wait for a while until the seats are available.

Who brought you here?

Mysore is going to have to do that sooner or later.

My godfather gave me that red shirt.


You should follow the advice of your mother.

I was really disappointed.

I don't wear reading glasses.