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An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

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I'm an ex-marine.

It's a pity they're getting divorced.

The paint didn't stick to the wall very well.

This is my umbrella, not Krzysztof's.

I had tea instead of coffee this morning.

The woman was lying dead in an almost fetal position.

I'll give him a buzz.

Greg and Kevyn walked down the hall, side by side.

Thanks to you, Root.

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Edward doesn't like to be alone.

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He is terrible at math.


Spock is all talk and no action.


I've been way busier than expected.

You can't just lie to them.

Son is always happy.

It is unlikely that this indictment will lead to his deportation.

The water is not potable.

I'm going to run a couple of errands. Wanna tag along?

Loukas works in the morning.

I'm doing casting for the film.

Looks like I made a lot of mistakes.


She likes Hiroshima better than any other city.

Your freaking grandfather nearly ran me over!

There is someone looking for you.


She raised an important objection to his argument.

One may live in a big house and yet have no comfort.

Lenora drove Magnus to school.

I'm flying to Hanoi tomorrow.

"Buy a lottery ticket or something?" "Well, I don't think I've got much luck with gambling."

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He breeds cattle and horses.

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He doesn't know his father.

A responsible student knows his or her responsibilities.

That hotel is very near the lake.


I have an ingrown toenail that's bugging the shit out of me.

I forgot my wallet.

I'm still right here.

You'll soon get used to eating Japanese food.

I know you worry about her.

He did it out of spite.

Indifference is a double-edged weapon.

People are inherently good.

I know your father.

Automobiles replaced carriages.

Kyoto is most crowded when it is most beautiful.

Ted's really got computers on the brain.

What's the matter, Amigo?


I didn't really believe it.

Knute was detained as a suspect.

We have to think of something else.


From the Moon, knowledge.

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Kevyn went to the park.


They met in Spain seven years ago.


Carol lives in Chicago.


Interlingua's main source languages are Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French and English.

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If it wasn't for the doctor's treatment, that patient would be dead.

I haven't been home in a while.

Raul got sick last weekend.

He can't compare with you.

Do we have to be nice to Vince?

It's fairly accurate.

What do you want me for?

I called Rajiv to thank him.

Why did you let me sleep so late?

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This phrase might come in handy.

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My name is Luis.

Jane has made great progress in Japanese.

Did you decide where you're going to have lunch?

Old knows how to play the viola.

I've never seen them so busy.

It is a difficult problem.

How'd you meet Daniele?

Only answer the question. There's not enough time.

They trusted you.

I'll beat you.

Andre is losing his patience.

Don't get angry at me!

Did you recognize Krzysztof?

The agenda has changed.

The killer remained at large for weeks.

How many times a week do you go shopping?

Changing a puncture gives a lot of work.

I met up with her on the street.

Where is my position on the map?


She made great efforts to pass the examination.

What's the fuss about?

Gilles has good taste in art.

I don't feel angry.

Srinivasan saw that Sharada was fast asleep in the hammock.

It was destroyed.

Naomi didn't like his sandwich.

You're probably bored stiff.

There is eloquence in screaming.

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Hey you! What do you have in that green bag?

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I never had a steady job.


He insulted me in public.


Sarah was OK with it.

What tipped you off?

What's all the excitement about?

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I don't like being told what to do.


I hear Antarctica's pretty this time of year.

I need help with my homework.

He's always punctual.

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I was not disappointed.

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I don't know whether it is true or not.


One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching.


I'd love a beer.

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Lynn skipped all of his afternoon classes today.

He is ashamed that he has failed again.

Lewis seems busy again.


I wish you didn't call me all the time.

A thousand deaths will still be less than he deserves.

Who's your teacher?

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I wasn't the only one who made promises.

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Tor pressed his ear against the wall to see if he could hear what his parents were discussing in the next room.

Margaret rolled up the string and put it in his pocket.

Dewey was a bit surprised when he saw Saumya and John kissing.


Please don't cut yourself.

Love is a game in which one always cheats.

Don't fall asleep too soon.

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It's the second-coldest region in the country.

There is a little sugar in the bag.

Have you ever gone spear fishing?

Masanobu says Randy still needs help.

It's going to cost you.


It took Bernie years to work through all the issues caused by his growing up in a dysfunctional family.


We're going to help them.

You think of the world too romantically.

I wore a coat lest I catch a cold.

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What topics is she discussing?

She knows French inside out.

I was in London most of the summer.

This land is your land.

It is imperative for you to act at once.


Where are we going?


Dan fought a war and won it.


He excused himself for his bad behavior.

A lot of the stars in the night sky have planets orbiting them.

Liber got Soohong's file and put it in his briefcase.

I hope no one finds out what I've been planning all this time.

Marcel and Jan stayed married even though they didn't like each other.


Two weeks after being admitted to hospital my acne suddenly started to disappear.

I contributed.

Carrots and turnips are edible roots.

Write an article based on your own experiences abroad or other people's in your own country.

You should've been asleep hours ago.


How long is an episode of 60 minutes?


Thank you for adding me to your contacts.


You're just in time. Luke is almost ready.

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I can type 50 words a minute.

I've tried to stop multitasking.

Bach could transform music into pure melancholy.