Control of Dynamical Systems

Research Group / INESC-ID Energy Systems Lab

Brief introduction

The Control of Dynamical Systems Group is part of INESC-ID Lisboa institute. We do research on advanced control algorithms for industrial applications and control theory. Some of our control applications include solar concentration (energy), irrigation canals (agriculture) and anesthesia (medicine), with a stronger focus on adaptive and distributed control algorithms.

Solar thermal energy

Adaptive and robust temperature controller for solar furnaces, parabolic through fields and solar power towers.

Control of water canals

We have developed distributed algorithms for the control of open water canals for irrigation in Portugal.


A control system, with the patient in the loop, controls the depth of anesthesia and neuromuscular blockade by actuating in the drug infusion during surgery.

Advanced process control

Modelling and adaptive control of boilers, arc-welding machines and other process applications.

Our Team

  • João M. Lemos (group leader)
  • Bertinho Costa
  • Miguel Barão
  • José Igreja
  • Daniela Caiado
  • Andras Hartmann
  • Manuela Sado (secretary)

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