The baby began to crawl.

What time does the cab leave for the airport?

Park Street used to be a dirt road.

Rodent doesn't know who baked the cake.

I guess you've caught me.

Don't tell Reinhard why.

Get a hammer and nails.

You must not kill.

The young man came out of the house opposite.

The window is open.

Been a while, hasn't it?

I've been waiting for years.


What'll happen to Florian?


We should be in Paris by this time tomorrow.

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They invaded the country with tanks and guns.

What did you order?

Naoto had a lot of problems at the school.

Depending on the results both companies may be put under administrative guidance from February.

It's boiling hot.

What are they called?

Sundar isn't very tall, is he?


I need you to pull up a website for me.

Brandi wanted Hirofumi to return his pen.

Sridharan doesn't know what Norman wants him to buy.

That troubles me least of all.

His son-in-law will be the heir to the enormous fortune.

I will give you the radius of the Ferris wheel and then you compute its circumference.

He's not my boyfriend. Just a friend with benefits.

Phiroze put on his helmet and got on his bike.

I'm getting tired of it.


Where are you taking us?

He made up his mind to keep his plan secret.

Do you want a pony?


Vaporise the solvent from the liquid. What's left is the perfume component and a lump of vegetable wax.

Those girls look like guys.

You'll be the first to know.

Pull it open.

Hal stuck to his job.

You should've seen that one coming.

I don't want to hurt her feelings.

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That's what you said yesterday.

Ice is water in solid form.

You're a woman now.

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Mason and Ken play tennis every afternoon.

I have been living here for years.

This summer, I'm going backpacking in South America with some friends.


Country roads aren't as crowded as city roads.

Rob might've been able to do that.

My job starts in three months.

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Mainly, what he said is right.

My job is to wash dishes.

Press the bell twice.

No other language is as beautiful as Japanese.

I'm here on official business.

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Did somebody call the police?

This dog is conditioned to bark at strangers.

I don't want to put you to any trouble.

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Susan and Tracey look so happy.

Mahesh told me that he's planning to take Jordan out to dinner tonight.

Competition is not by nature evil.


I was just talking with them.


Alastair must've paid a fortune for his house.

I should have let her win but I had too good cards.

Spencer is pretty cranky this morning.

Where is the nearest service station?

He's been batting a thousand.

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Raif used to dream about marrying Kathy.

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I think that this Chinese guy is a Muslim. He's listening to the Quran.

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How about going to the movies on Saturday?

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Where were you boys yesterday?

Did you have any stuffed animals?

I met her on campus yesterday.

When was the last time you drank this?

I didn't believe Johnnie would do it.

How much did you tell them?

An undercover video shows workers allegedly abusing animals at Hybrid Turkeys.


Gail just would not speak to anyone but you.


The girls are wild about the film star.

I built one.

Heinrich tried to stop Kimberly from calling the police.

The dog knew its master.

Has something happened to them?


You know how busy we are.


Lum and Panos sat side by side.

He answered his parents.

The best dreams happen when you're awake.

Is it new?

I'm very thirsty.

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There were many people in the hall.

I need to move on.

By and large, reporters don't hesitate to intrude on one's privacy.

He was broken by the failure of his business.

His argument is inconsistent with our policy.

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How many seats are there in this room?


I'm afraid of cats.

You have lost, give up!

Instead of cutting down on cigarettes, why don't you just give them up?

Have you ever eaten sea urchins?

Hopefully he'll wait for me.


Can you tell what kind of apple this is?

I'll miss everybody.

Mohammad always seems to have trouble making decisions.

I want the same style of coat as you wear now.

The teacher got quite well again.

You might not want to go there by yourself.

Pria looked around, but Clifford was already gone.

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Relationships are incredibly complicated.


He resembles his mother.


Yesterday the alarm clock didn't go off and Kurt didn't wake up.


What's her professor's name?

Are you threatening me?

You must put these mistakes right.

Jos is wearing sunglasses and no shirt.

I know it's a risky business.

Randal flipped on the light.

"Where is Meeks?" "He's not working today."

Clifford makes me feel needed.

He showed me the manuscript of his new play.

I'm not accustomed to walking long distances.

The sun will rise soon.


Do they have their suitcase?

We have lots of bread, and as for butter, we have more than enough.

Allegedly, Janet turned that offer down.

A bad cold has kept me from studying this week.

This sentence is not in Polish.

I seem to be lost.

They need to build a new and bigger bridge.

I saw them in the parking lot.

I live here all year round now.

What happened at Bullock's this evening?

I think you know why.

He bought far too many sweet potatoes.

In this job, one error would send you straight to jail.

The wrestler weighs over 200 kilograms.

Edward didn't want to look foolish.

Are you going to mow your lawn this afternoon?

I have tried it already. It doesn't work.


They might be able to help you.

It's been days since Annie left.

Mats kept his word.

America is a country on the move.

Prepare your speech in advance.


I'm bleeding.

Is Hui in Boston now?

It's probably good that Samuel can't remember what happened.

That takes care of that. Nothing else needs doing.

Visitors to that town increase in number year by year.


He has seldom had a meal with his family.


Am I doing this the right way?

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Tell Fletcher the rest of the news.

I pretended not to understand what he was saying.

Can you make out a light in the distance?

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Phill had Margaret make him a sandwich.

She was talking as she walked.

I don't know the cause.

Where was Roxana imprisoned?

Don't make such a sour face.

If Stanley doesn't help us, we'll never be able to finish this on time.

Kusum seems to have no interest in baseball.

The convenience store employee chased the thief and was stabbed to death.

I'll ask him whether he wants another drink.

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We have no other alternative but to swap horses midstream and inject a fresh atmosphere and new ideas into our organization.