How did you find my house?

I've been very careful.

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Floria patted himself on the back.

Brad isn't the only one who thinks Naomi's cute.

Marvin was a professional magician.


Naomi should've asked us for help.

The spirits muddled my brain.

I want to hear all about your trip.


The honor is more than I deserve.

He pulled something out of his pocket.

Did Rafik see what Matt was doing?

Pray for me.

It is premature to put the plan into practice now.

For some people, home is a cardboard carton in Tokyo.

Varda shouldn't be doing that.

Marek said he'd help Niels.

It was his best time.

My father is proud of being handsome.

There still is time until leaving.

Social networking sites are all the rage now.

I know where they will be this afternoon.

The police cornered Syun at a local warehouse.

Rudy unlocked the door and entered the office.

He is a brave man in his own eyes.

I never got good grades in junior high school.

He tried to pull a fast one on me.

You'll protect me, won't you?

Toft glanced around the room.

I need some sleep.

I rode fifty miles that day.

My favourite colour is blue.

The police questioned Randall again.

That new biography of the prince puts him in a less than flattering light.

The insurance company will compensate her for the loss.

Peggy has oily skin.


I hope we'll see them again.

He keeps quiet so that he won't disturb his father.

Bob died on Monday.

I just don't know what to do with Sharon.

The train slowed down to a stop.

Sharan resuscitated Nancy.

The next day, the cold was cured.

Erwin tried to pry the door open.

Who ran?


We waited a long time, but she didn't show up.


I'm sorry, but the answer's no.

May I disturb you just a moment?

The shape of the roof looks like a pyramid.

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He has been looked for by the police.

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This is for you.

Governments should not be in the business of legislating morality.

There used to be a house here at one time.


I'm beginning to feel out of place.

How did this all start?

You can do anything you want to.


My favorite subjects in high school were geometry and history.

Marry me.

It's an established fact.


There are only a couple of pieces left.

Yesterday I simply did not go to work.

I am only joking.


Why did you choose such a subject?

I couldn't keep lying to them.

Something bit him.

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Pia moved out of his parents' house.

I know Trey will get the job done.

This is the first time for me to read the Bible.

Well Seenu, how is it being married? Do you like it?

I believe everything is fine now.

Erwin began to whistle a tune.

The girl listened to music, the boy was reading a book.

What did you do when you knew that your house was haunted?

It's possible that Elric lied to you.


We need to do this right.


Did you make that up, Joni?

Wait a minute, honey!

Juergen told me not to drive too fast.


How do you expect me to have children when I don't have a uterus?

What if someone catches us?

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


What kind of songs does Hillary sing at karaoke?

It is getting warmer every day.

What did you get from him?

Meg straightened up her desk.

My father won't allow me to do that.


I need to put some gas in the car, as it's almost empty.

Amanda started making fun of Mongo.

Pitawas submitted a list of topics for possible inclusion on the agenda for the annual general meeting.

I don't recommend them.

Why should I pay you that much?

I didn't shower.

If your coffee is too strong, add some sugar.

The heretic was burned at the stake.

Do you want me to stay or don't you?


I started this job last summer.


She was only half alive.

Niels has to eat his lunch in fifteen minutes.

How fast the train is running!


I can't keep lying to him.

China is called "Zhongguo" in Chinese.

There's nothing you can do about it.

Rahul has already begun.

"Is she reading a book?" "Yes, she is."

I told her I'd help her.

I need to take your pulse.

Do something quickly.

She is dead to love.


What's your problem? I don't understand.

What's your favorite cookbook?

Jones is married.


Look at the fearsome shark!

Waves extinguish a wind.

I can't believe you haven't even started it!

Enlist yourselves!

This time it has to work.

He has a fancy for chocolate.

I spent fifty dollars to get my dog fixed.


A solar eclipse is when the Moon blocks the light from the Sun.


My sister has been sick.

He is far from being a gentleman.

Why doesn't Kevyn have a cell phone?

Every time a species dies out, we lose forever a part of our natural world.

Have you traveled somewhere during the summer?

I may not always be free on Sundays.

Do not talk with your mouth full.

It is heartbreaking for our family to accept the likelihood of spending a third Christmas without Francisco.

I'll go to the store after I eat.


With your permission.

It's time for us to set the record straight about what happened.

He took delight in teasing the kitten.

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I'm made from recycled plastic. Please reuse or recycle me!


The table was laden with a large range of food and drink.

They tried very hard to gain an advantage over one another.

This is the hottest summer that we have had in thirty years.

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Mars has two moons.

Rathnakumar dribbled the ball down the court.

It's an easy victory.

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Don't forget your student ID.

Ooh! It took a weight off my shoulders.

I heard about their break up.


I'm not able to translate this sentence.

I don't like being made a fool of.

Your teachers always speak well of your work.

John is free from worry these days.

I really like city life.

Our team is two points ahead.

Has Myron been drinking today?

Sri lost most of his belongings in the fire.

He never says thanks in spite of all that I've done for him.

What time does the movie begin?

She could not hold back her tears.

He's even more handsome than ever!

Have you ever done shopping in a foreign country?

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Lana got worried when he learned about the medicine's side effects.

We have twenty-four chairs in this class-room.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

You just don't understand me!

Raja held out his hand.

I met an old friend by chance at that party the other day.

Both Naomi and Lea are my friends.

I made copies of that book here in the stationary.

What can you tell us about yesterday's earthquake?

Rogue wants to go out to get something to eat.

Deborah admitted his mistakes.

I'm still young.

Nancy used to go to school by bicycle, but now he goes by bus.

Everett thought you already knew.

Dan brought up his children in London.