I've decided to take a nap.

The others weren't so lucky.


Your daughters are beautiful.

He works every day but Sunday.

Travelers can suffer from any number of maladies in foreign lands.

We're just not used to it yet.

Do you accept the explanation?


I think Darin might be in Boston.

Can I get a minute with you?

I wish I could play the flute as well as Ian Anderson.


I told them that was ridiculous.


Marion wasn't surprised that Raanan was late.

If they want to participate they should tell him, not me.

My cat is sleeping on my bed.


He solved the difficult problem easily.


That's not what I'm here for.


New GATT resolutions could create a real shake-up.

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She did it while she was drunk.

Sorry about earlier.

It is impossible for me to help you.

I've already talked about that several times.

I wanted to buy a new one anyway.

She has remained abroad ever since.

He writes scripts.

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Lana was the only one who knew where I was.

If Esperanto was progressing so greatly during the preceding twelve years, the main reason lay in the fact that theoretical discussion concerning the language itself had already ceased.

Language is one of the most important inventions of mankind.

Sjouke wondered why Kriton wouldn't French kiss him.

What are these pictures?

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As soon as I left home, I ran into her.


These pictures are being shown by courtesy of CNN.

Christie becomes lethargic in the summer heat.

I don't care whether he agrees or not.


The garden is bare and brown.

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We'll have to put a stop to this.


He is a very attractive man.


Tahsin is a smart aleck with Erick.

A total eclipse is only visible from a narrow strip (about 150 km wide) of the Earth's surface at any one time.

Why is Win wet?

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She went to Italy to study music.

What dress do you like more?

I'm not like that.

He teaches us English.

Mick is often distracted and not motivated to work in school.

I didn't go blind.

He sings well.


Let's get this party started!


I need him in my life.

It snows.

I don't like it when he does that.

I don't think Elizabeth lives in Boston anymore.

It's growing like mushrooms in the rain.

Why is it so important I be here?

Marek took out the eggs one by one.


We need to turn back.

No, Ramadoss, that's too dangerous!

Am I dreaming?

So why are you doing this?

Is that all you brought?

I told Leith to do it.

Bill has not less than six dollars.


We need to show you something.

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He will be studying when you get up.

Whose photo is this?

David can't be at home.

He reads ten books a month at least.

Grant laughed at Charlie's joke.

They're not stupid.

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I have a new book I'm working on.

You don't have to explain yourself to me.

Her face was eloquent of her sorrow.


I was in a hurry.

He thought it foolish of me to go there by bike.

Is Nick really guilty?

What's your goal for 2014?

Les hasn't called.

He is a student who I am teaching English this year.

He went mad when he heard the story.

These are two pictures with a nice frame.

Stephan and I have been close friends for a long time.

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Have you ever smelled this perfume?

Despite everything she said to me, I can't stop thinking about her.

Is this a gift for me?

Val got to his feet and walked over to the window.

Sally couldn't answer the question.

We import a large quantity of food.

You might want to get in on it.


Human history is in essence a history of ideas.

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I'm sure you've seen everything you need to see.

We don't need your help.

I've been feeling the same way.

It's pretty warm out for a jacket.

My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I'm right.

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Can you imagine me making a cake?


Larry Ewing is drunk.

Amos is suffering from a bad headache.

They all need to go.

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Everybody had changed so much that I could hardly tell one from another.

I wish we had more information.

I just haven't had the chance.

Lanny is going to need medical attention.

I'm not done with him.

The tap's dripping and needs a new washer.

I thought a lot about what you said.


Please don't call Ti again.

We put the futons away in the morning.

Victor grinned.


On the edge of the cliff blooms the most beautiful flowers.

Legitimate software applications from leading vendors are carrying an additional unwanted load. Together with their application, some of them change various browser settings as if your browser is theirs. Did you know that AVG, ICQ, Jookz, Babylon, ZoneAlarm, Incredimail just to name a few, tweak your homepage, default search and other settings?

Anne didn't give you much choice, did he?


I knew how to keep a secret.


Would you care to comment?

Dawson told me about his plans.

The plane had already left the airport.

Don't let him draw you into a theological debate, or you'll be stuck there all night!

Is it going to happen?

Ian was suspected of being a spy.

He's very religious.

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Can you tell me how to get to the town centre?

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There were no more questions.


We're here to have fun.

One thing I don't ever want to do again is punch a time clock.

What is the price of this watch?


It is not far from the hotel.

I have a stinging pain here.

The school should do away with uniforms.

At present he lives on his own and the world is nothing to him.

That was kickass!

Syd said he won't come to our party.

We are inclined to stand up for him.

How could we not win?

Merton did that because he had to.

It's a nice party.

Tomas is a worthy opponent.


I don't think that he's right.


It wasn't much of an earthquake.

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They sued the government for damages.


Sergei and three of his friends went on a picnic.


For good or ill, there is no way but this to tide over the difficulty.

After tying up loose ends on the house, the carpenter gave the painter approval to begin work.

She applied what she had learned in class to the experiment.

Get up for a moment.

We can't leave our tents on the beach where they are now. If we do, they'll be under water during high tide.

She can't have known about it.

I don't like buildings.

He said that he would be back right away.

I do not want to exert myself in vain.


He will be free tomorrow.

You could at least give me a hint.

I borrowed her hairbrush.

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Sinicization is a process that is deeply rooted in the cultural dynamics of China.


Hillary was wearing jeans.

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They say nitrite is harmful to the colon.