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Who We Are

Purple Intellect is known worldwide for its technical achievements and client satisfaction which has been possible due to Innovative Process Driven approach followed. We have enabled our clients worldwide in converting them from competitors to outperformers, strugglers to achievers, dream ideas into realities and much more.

Our Clients have benefitted the most from our capability and maturity levels which is evident with 100% on time completion and 100% repeat rate. We believe in providing turnkey IT services solutions of world's highest standards to our clients under one flagship. Purple Intellect has vast experience and expertise in various IT solutions ranging from Development to implementation, production to maintenance, marketing to supplies, transactions to reportings for number of Industry Verticals.

Purple Intellect is founded with a dream of developing new generation applications. Due to our defined goals and dedications from the first day of our inception we all knew that we were on a path of major breakthroughs and today we enjoy the honour of being known as inventors of various innovative technologies and frameworks like PurpleJS, PurpleBox, PurpleBooks and more products with integrated Artificial Intelligence and Forecasting tools.

Purple Intellect also owns the state of the art Data Center with most sophisticated infrastructure which includes 24x7 power back up facilties, huge bandwidth, intelligent security and safety systems backed by disaster recovery management systems which is accessible to our clients through PurpleJS an Intelligent Cloud Computing Framework.

PurpleHoMaS is a complete Information Management System (IMS) for Hospitals without the need of any third-party solution integration. Built on a lightening fast framework PurpleERP, PurpleHoMaS is light-weight, fast and accurate in its calculations and communications.

PurpleHoMaS is changing the way hospitals work. Instead of implementing cumbersome HIMSs, hospitals not prefer the plug-and-play modules. Depending upon the hospital's speciality, you can choose modules specific to your business and medical processes without the burden or other modules.

PurpleHoMaS is billed the same way it is implement. It's a pay-as-you-go platform and you pay only for the modules you use and only for the time period you utilized. The rest of the timeperiod remains uncharged! It is extremely quick to add newer modules to your HIMS and transfer all the workload to it. Using PurpleHoMaS requires no special training; you only need the working knowledge of a computer and internet and you're good to go!

PurpleHoMas Suite

HoMaS HealthConnect

APatient-friendly mobile application for patients and attendants to connect to hospital instantly.

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HoMaS MedSup

Hospital-side application to streamline day-to-day processes ranging over many departments.

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HoMaS BackBone

Application to manage administration hospital tasks effectively and conveniently in one place.

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HoMaS DocApp

Doctor-side application to manage all doctor’s current tasks, patients, reports, and staff duties.

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HoMaS LabCare & RadiLab

Laboratory applications to streamline processes and manage test reports in radio- and path- labs.

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Blood bank application managing donations, transfusions, volunteers and other procedures of blood.

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Pharmacy-side application to note all medicinal transactions between patients and hospital anytime.

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HoMaS WeCare

Hospital application that manages level-II processes like housekeeping, laundry, kitchen, and diet.

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Hospitals keep in touch with on-road staff and patient through this high-speed mobile application.

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(720) 251-6049

Manage all Outdoor Patient related procedures and processes through this single application.

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HoMaS MedKiosk

Self-help kiosks are loaded with this application to make self-check-in and check-out easier.

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Hospital side application to manage all organ donation volunteers and transplant requests easily.

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