Evolve Project - changing the way people see libraries

The Evolve Project is a collaborative platform that works with libraries around the world. We believe that libraries should be creating stories rather than just providing them.

We help libraries create maker spaces and fablabs along with the coaching and guidance to take their environments to the next level. Libraries are community anchors and they should be positioned to provide the resources and connections to allow patrons to build innovative works, discover new things, and interact with others. By partnering with start-ups that have interactive and engaging technologies and integrating those products into library environments; we start building towards a better tomorrow with our communities.

The Evolve Project is available for speaking, consulting, and collaborating.

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What We Do

We love libraries, and love helping libraries. We are dedicated to seeing libraries succeed at everything they set out to do. If you are a big or small library, we would love to be involved and offer some ideas. Since we are a collaborative platform, we are in a truly unique situation to offer no cost advice and support. With our start-up partners, we also have the capacity to share resources and products to libraries; so they may beta test concepts, products, or even programs. If you are looking to expand something within your library, we are here for you.


We present at a variety of conferences - both in person and online - sharing our knowledge and expertise, along with our network of innovators, librarians, library enthusiasts/promoters ,and companies both big and small. We love not only talking about technology and innovation but how to take those concepts to the next level. 

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Maker Spaces

We understand maker spaces and know the right tools and tricks to build the ultimate experience for your environment. Maker spaces should be an engaging interactive learning space. Libraries who have maker spaces have the ability turn problems into solutions, ideas into products. Libraries are able to provide safe to fail environments so patrons may tinker and build. 

Start Ups

We partner with companies from a collaborative perspective; sharing ideas and market insight into the library community. In exchange, we work towards special library promotions while accelerating development of innovation inside library settings. We do not do commissions or act on sales; its strictly a collaboration of ideas with the goal of further defining libraries.

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