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They made me wait.


We might as well get this over with.

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It sounds like you're going to buy a pony.


Do you want help with that?

Jos deserves much better.

His company is one of the best managed companies in Japan.

She put aside the sewing and stood up.

They entered into a discussion about the issue.


He was so clever that he could solve the problem.

We just didn't expect it.

He learned how to raise cattle.

This is the first time I've ever shouted at Taninna.

Before going back to work, I decided to rest a little.

She had never seen a fuller beard than his.

I guess you're right, Jane.

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A working class hero is something to be.

Jiro made a sketch of Mt. Fuji.

Jisheng wore a patch on his eye for several days.

Words cannot describe it.

The castle was burnt to ashes.

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It was pretty ballsy of you to stand up to the boss like that.


That was what Ofer wanted.

The thief fled without leaving any traces.

It's a good plan.

You should assume that Takao won't help us at all.

I just met her on the street.


It's only a theory.


Do you still believe that?

I think we understand each other.

Miek travels less than Masanobu does.


Stop worrying.


I'm not quite sure yet.

He ran for his life when the bear appeared.

The box is heavy.

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I want to be an artist.

It is especially cold this morning.

This year, my Grade-Point Average is better than yours!

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This pass is a gateway to India.

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That doesn't bother me.


What time should we eat?

Theirs is an old family.

I took leave of him.

Shai asked Hui the one question she really didn't want to answer.

We have to replace this moth-eaten carpet.

"My metabolism is such that no matter how much I eat I don't put on weight." "Just now, this second, you've made enemies of people throughout the world."

We have a dog, a cat and three canaries.

It is true that we desire to live in a small town.

I'm sure Connie had good reasons for doing that.


I think we need Masanobu.

Jose propped himself up on his elbow.

Vick actually said that.

I have my own bedroom at home.

Bathe the baby, won't you?

He has no less than five hundred books.

I shouldn't have to put up with this noise.

Kimberly told me he doesn't know Root very well.

Heather is a true artist.

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I've never dyed my hair before.

Has anyone found Ramsey yet?

Stevan began hesitantly.


She shut the door.

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The politician did not keep his promise.

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Dani is helping Nigel.


How can we do this?

Take a good look, it's really fresh!

Mason was still lost in thought.

I hope they don't resort to violence to accomplish their goals.

Make sure you don't get lost.

They were afforded the opportunity to work for the government.

I am looking for a part-time job so I can buy a new video camera.

You should make better use of your free time.

Oh, but don't worry. I don't put the moves on straight guys.


It's good fun.


Unfortunately I have no money with me.


The room is perfectly suitable for this purpose.

Sylvan doesn't seem like himself.

You have a dictionary, don't you? Can I use it?

How can you be certain of that?

Each country has its own customs.


Marla leaned his head against the wall.

I enjoyed the attention.

Have you ever worked with her?

You take my breath away.

You scared us.

Sanand and I both had the same dream last night.

Has Charles talked to you recently?


I wanted to watch a horror movie, but my girlfriend is scared and rented comedy instead.

How many moons does Jupiter have?

John belongs to the swimming club.

Since he's busy, he can't meet you.

The night before we were to be married, she had an affair with my best friend.

You'll learn a lot here.

I opened the door slowly.

I'm so mad.

I hardly ever swim.


Mann is very ingenious.


I strongly advise you get out of here right away.


Sigurd's been on an around the world trip since I last saw him.

The Prime Minister tried to cover up the scandal, but that just made it worse when the newspapers discovered the truth.

The couple is on the dance floor.


I wish I could find one just like it.

Tiefenthal has a lot of bad habits.

I remember having seen her somewhere.


I didn't like them at first.


Andy and Vladislav are happy together.

But who really invented the stories nobody knows; it is all so long ago, long before reading and writing were invented. The first of the stories actually written down, were written in Egyptian hieroglyphs, or on Babylonian cakes of clay, three or four thousand years before our time.

Mr Umemura teaches us English.

Sunil stopped himself from kissing Sumitro.

We'll ask Harris and see what he thinks.


These customs used to prevail all over Japan.

She unwraps her birthday gift.

I will take the one that is more expensive.

We used to work for them.

This road will lead you to the monument.


Where did you get those keys?

Customer service is one of our foremost priorities.

She wanted to please the crowd.

He accomplished his mission.

Archie is very charming when he smiles.


His life is in my hands.

Susanne stood leaning against the entrance smoking his clay pipe.

It is not possible to record in this media.


Ramesh is an expert in anatomy and knows every bone in the human body.

This is amazing.

It is waiting in the park at 7 o'clock.

When I use a word, Humpty Dumpty said, it means just what I choose it to mean - neither more nor less.

He has just as many books as his father does.

They started kissing each other.

It's not going to be as hard to do as you think it'll be.

They enrolled him as a jury member.

My cousins live in Boston.

The trauma of war has a long-lasting impact on those that survive it.

What did Hsi say when he called?

Where is the assembly point?

Is this the best you have?

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Travel the world!


I'm not leaving.


Donnie is going to die today.


In 1492 Antonio de Nebrija said that language is the handmaiden of empire.


It's for them.


I thought I'd say hello to her.

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He knows other and easier ways of getting what he desires.

I don't want to stay home.

I spent all day cleaning my room.

May I share this table with you?

Tyler carried two children from the burning house.

I hope things have been going well for you.

Presley has been pretty unlucky, hasn't he?

I made out a check for $25 and handed it to the salesperson.

The weather will definitely be good tomorrow.

Our teacher announced an exam for next week.

This car must go.

Glynn doesn't like modern art.

He is a silent, manly boy.

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It sure sounds interesting.