You are German?

Ian had plenty of fight left in him.

It'll take too long.

She killed an hour looking around the stores.

We have to obey orders.

What do you suggest?

They bribed the witness into silence.


I'd like to eat breakfast with you.

Sundaresan had to go back to Boston.

Remain alert.

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I know as little as you do.

You had better hurry because the banks will close soon.

They criticized me for coming late.


Moran terrified Rick.

Hirotoshi asked Spy to join his team.

Did you see her last night?

Thanks to the heavy rain, vegetable prices rose sharply.

This is important enough for separate treatment.

We could not see anyone in the street.

What do you guys want to do?

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I sold my books at a reasonable price.

Did you buy this for us?

The population of the world will double before long.

Mom and Dad gave me a bicycle.

The company replied that the directors' compensation was consistent with industry standards.


She was part of the problem.

Lila looked around quickly.

We have given Edgar Degas a voice that we hope suits him.


Mott runs faster than Malcolm.


I have read the article and now I am writing a summary.

I thought Sanche would eventually realize Dalton didn't like him.

She wore a green dress.

Sylvan wrapped his jacket around my shoulders.

What an incredible amount of work he has done!


Mind you come on time.

Why don't you just tell me now?

He was chosen captain.


I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

Get ready. The school bus will be here in a few minutes.

Stay right here, OK?

I especially liked the way you sang the second song.

I'm looking for a navy blue raincoat, size 36.

Well, it's worth a try.

I didn't know her last year.

We have to close the window.

Our teacher likes his new car.


Would you say you're a morning person?

There's a row of ants coming in and out of the kitchen.

She turned down all of her suitors.

His view isn't very reliable.

He looks as if he could not even harm a fly.

They're finally here.

There's someone here.


Nobody had seen such a beautiful painting.

Helen is very worried about her daughter.

I found a job.

Nikolai is a danger to society.

Not merely I but also he is invited to the party.

Can you do it faster?

Marc wanted his own room.

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It's really stinky.

We might never have this opportunity again.

There was a huge explosion.

The left side of Meeks's home is in Connecticut, while the right side is in New York.

Who gave them to you?

It's not explainable.

You're not as good as you think you are.

His neighbor will care for the children while she is away.

I don't feel like doing it.

Let's pick him up.

His father failed in business.


Parents are being overwhelmed by the back to school technology requirements for their children, and many are buying the wrong devices.

You understand now, right?

I'm anxious for a promotion.


They both want to say something.

Byron hesitated for a while.

This TV was made in China.


In the end it is not possible to fully know somebody else.

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The road has frozen and it's now slippery.


Patrick must be scared.

She locked herself in the bathroom.

I think I'd better help Shuvra.


He likes reading the Chinese book his father wrote in America.

I am the laziest person I know.

Every time Takeuchi smiles at him, Giles feels happy.

We're not anticipating any violence.

What is it made of?

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Let the games begin.

They asked him for advice.

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry Christmas.


I've got a diploma from the Paris Conservatory of Music.

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Do you know how fast you were going?


Lanny can't go yet.

Remember what we spoke about yesterday.

Bucky explained that very well.


Why don't we do something else?

The National Center for Education Information says a predicted teacher shortage won't pan out because teachers who left the profession are returning.

What an awful band!

I haven't heard from Irwin in quite some time.

Why did you sneak up on me?

The boy was not upset, even after being laughed at by his classmates.

Ethan didn't want to play second fiddle.

I hear that.

Doug is determined to lose weight.

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I remember playing with those.

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Pitawas is a pretty amazing cook.

You can have a slice of pizza if you want.

It's not hard to stand out when you're surrounded by idiots.

Who will see Vera will love her.

I wonder what Loren's doing.

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Blaine is talking with Julia on the porch.

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Why don't you meet me at 2:30?

The new highways are magnificent.

Let's look at the problem from a different point of view.


Murph is coming with us to Boston.

I can understand everything he is saying.

Allen is outgoing.

Why didn't Duane tell me?

How long have they been gone?

The employees would soon be given the ax by the company.

The fields were covered by heavy snow.

I was caught in traffic.

I knew I'd seen it before.

Celeste seems quite happy.

I want to buy a new car.


How is the word accented?


Take this medicine faithfully, and you will feel better.

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What makes you think Sally won't like it?

That was my intent.

I like wxWidgets because, unlike most other toolkits, it has a function named Centre(), not Center().


Write down the facts needed to convince other people.

It was foolish of you to accept his offer.

I am happy to notify you that I have fully recovered.

Kevan aims to please.

Put the book back on the shelf.

Sergio's my niece.

Something very unusual seems to be happening in the park.


Come on back here.

Jennie didn't want to admit he had a drinking problem.

I have already heard this joke.

The whole town was under water.

Ginny's returned.

Tell Linder what else is on your mind.

I already spoke to them.

The date of the festival coincides with that of the exam.

Hugh went to go call the police.

I guess I have nothing to worry about then.

She's off the grid, and European authorities want her arrested.

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The cottage will not endure a strong wind.

The police chased the escaped convict.

Maria studied diligently, but could never remember from one week to the next.

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That was all Greek to me.

I wrote this poem for Kenneth.

Did you write down the license plate number?


This pizza has a thin crust.

You should head west.

Herb wanted to know why Norm was absent.

Look, I'm really not interested, OK?

English is used in every part of the world.

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I want to know who broke this window.


They trust him.