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Do you have any free passes?

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Although Bob was in disguise, I recognized him at a glance.

He was thundering at the door.

I have some questions for them.

Jeannette left.

It was a stressful day.

We gained admittance to the meeting.

Ah, this is easy.

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I have to let you go.

Is this a local train?

I don't think I can afford this.

The child was asleep in bed.

It is desirable that nobody should be hurt.

The kitchen knife wasn't sharp enough to cut the meat, so I used my pocket knife.

She remembered the first day she went to school.


That hasn't happened yet.


How long can we hold out against the superior enemy attacks?

Where are we going tomorrow?

The doctor asked Rajeev what the pain felt like.


Don't trust him no matter what he says.


Why blame us?

Chivalry isn't dead.

She skinned a wolf.


I lead a regular life.

This student is from Japan.

Please show this to Arthur.


Tatoeba is more than a website. Tatoeba is a group of volunteers that either translates existing sentences or writes new ones in order to make others familiar with the beauty of their own languages.

History is like a waltz, eternally following the three steps of war, peace and revolution.

Do you want to go too?

You never have time for important things!

Someone gave me this.


Juliane was fine.

The Anglican Church isn't a fully Protestant Church.

How many more of you are there?

You wish!

The grill is hot.

I'll never make money doing this.

I need this back by tomorrow.

Bradley is looking up at the sky.

I'm not going to talk to Emily about this.

The judge sentenced him to a jail term of five years.

I saw a shape in the dark.


What a wonderful sight!

Is that my toothbrush?

People were lined up around the block waiting for the theater to open.

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I met an otolaryngologist at a party on Sunday.

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Nobody told Malus not to do that.

Everything happened so fast.

It won't be long before he realizes the mistake.

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I'll give her that.

Give me three months.

I figured everybody knew that.

Those who talk a lot often lose their voices.

Did you hear something?

Angus calculated the amount of money that was stolen from the bank.

Why is it that you start speaking to me in English each and every time? Because I'm a foreigner?

He has a new car and an old car.

Organic agriculture is a method of growing plants (grains, legumes, fruit) without chemicals.


Please don't ask me, Cecil, I cannot tell you.


Christian seems to be able to stay thin even though he eats quite a bit.

Kenn didn't like living in Boston.

As Beth wiped tears from her face, she rushed home.

I've had it with Pia.

Ann swam across the river.


Don't be a pig.

Emily is smelling the flowers.

Beverly made Spike carry his suitcase.

You noticed it, too, didn't you?

You have to get up early tomorrow. Why don't you go to bed?

It was stupid of you to believe Shakil.

Your idea is good.

I repeated what he said, in the exact same way he said it.

The apology was rather ham-handed.


Those who are delicate in health are apt to catch a cold when the cold season sets in.

Polyglots are sexier. Talk to us.

The owner of this house is Mr. Yamada.

I never expected this.

Right now I don't have any time.

Has Lucy called yet?

I stepped on something weird.


There was a storm that night.

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The jury deliberated for three days.

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There are quite a few hotels by the lake.

There is much furniture in the room.

This young man very much resembles my brother.

I thought you wanted to talk to me.

Ginger is a food that warms up the body, so it is recommended for people sensitive to cold.

Emily left school at sixteen.

Sergiu doesn't like the rainy season.

I have a reputation to protect.

I'm the one who lost all our money.

Why would you go all the way to city to get a burger when there are many burger places here across the street.

I was suspended from work for a week.

The cold wind pained the tramp terribly.

They don't look very happy.


Cosmos is the antithesis of chaos.

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Spread love with muddy hands.

Could I ask a favor of you?

The day turned out to be fine.


Jaime didn't even notice Jesus had left.

Many Americans insist that immigrants speak English, but wouldn't a true language purist insist on Old English, wynns, thorns, edhs and all?

He diverted himself by listening to music.

Can you manage alone this weekend?

The weather is very hot.


Car windows accumulate frost on winter mornings.


Was she the one who called you yesterday?

I knew Lyndon had done it.

Darin forgot to lock the door.

Takao put the spare tire in the trunk of his car.

We want our money.

I've done a little hunting.

What's your favorite toothpaste?

I saw Sandy's pictures.

Sugih didn't know the reason why Win was crying.


We need someone with guts to do it.

This car, whose is it?

I know that wasn't the answer you wanted.

After fall comes winter.

You must know her pretty well.


She likes strawberries and her sister apples.

He was wet all over.

I need some paper.


Benjamin, I'm talking to you.

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I know how much you love Presley.

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Felix will never pay me what he owes me.


That's why you need to contact Michelle.

He spends his free time on the internet.

Do you like chocolate?

I want everything in order by this time tomorrow.

Malaclypse keeps encouraging Louise to do things on her own.

I always try to deal with problems as soon as they arise.

Some passengers were injured, but the others were safe.


I didn't believe her.

Did you mean that?

I'm not sure what he was thinking.

I know nothing about this project.

I saw it with my own eyes.

We agree.

I knew we should've stayed in Boston.

I'm being held hostage.

Ninja talks about that a lot.

I got caught in the rain and got all wet.

She cut a tomato into slices.

Go do your fucking homework, right now!

I hate the sound of my voice.

I must go to the bank to get more money.

We came so close to winning.


You must stay here.

Isidore died in Australia.

Jacqueline is a French name.

Winnie must be a good teacher.

Robbin and Vickie talked about many things.

Yo, man, this shit is top notch.

Let's look at these problems one at a time.

He pronounced his judgment over such vehement behaviour.

I heard strange noises.

We need more people like Marguerite.

They put her in a straitjacket.


He was painfully thin.

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His heart was not in his work, nor did he take any pride in it.


I'd better get started.


We'll have a big party on Monday.