I left part of the meal uneaten.

I like Chinese and Japanese.

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Unfortunately, elephants can't sing well.

I will go, rain or shine.

I will obey.

Who'll pay for that?

On Christmas day, Andrew still had his right leg in plaster.


Lynn wants someone to help him.

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My sister has a very good brain.

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Why was Michelle fired?


The world is full of gossipers and liars.


Please write down your name here.

I love helping people.

Good evening!

Can we get help for Deb?

I used to play with dolls when I was a little girl.

Genius has been defined as a supreme capacity for taking trouble.

I can find my way out.

I don't think I'd be that interested.

Knapper did all he could do to help.

If it snows much tomorrow, let's make a snowman.

His car isn't here, so he must have gone.


From this standpoint history can be divided into two main epochs.

That's a great look.

I live in Rome.

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They are unbearable memories.

Everyone knows everyone.

I almost believe you.


You gave me no choice.

Karl has just started kindergarten.

He was just going to the walk across the street.

We seem to have a little problem here.

The key to cooking good food is using high-quality, fresh ingredients.

Dean said he didn't like the taste of beer.

We had a bar of gold stolen.

When did you get this new furniture?

A black car stopped next to the hospital.

Why did they dislike him?

Rich is quite disorganized.


"I'm really thankful to you." "Once again?"


If you leave now, I'm sure you'll be caught in a traffic jam.

Can I order one?

I've found him.

I want to get lost in Eastern Europe.

Magma can rise when pieces of Earth's crust called tectonic plates slowly move away from each other. The magma rises up to fill in the space.

You should ask him yourself.

Christians believe that God is the creator of the world.


When it's spring in the Northern Hemisphere, it's autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

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You can dance, can't you?

She poured me a cup of tea.

How do you spend the New Year?


Be careful not to drive on the wrong side of the road.

To write a love letter in English is not easy.

Summer has ended.

Linley was extremely disrespectful.

We're a big family.

I haven't felt that way since Darryl left.

Suresh is still in the bathroom.


Elliott should really wear safety glasses.

Cristopher doesn't drink enough water.

"But I don't want a divorce" cried Lindsay, but to Catherine it fell on deaf ears.

He is really a Hercules.

I'm waiting for you to help me.

My brother has an Xbox.

Experts say only about 15 percent of happiness comes from income, assets and other financial factors.


You deserve a pay raise.

He didn't intend to let her drive but she pestered him so much that he finally gave in.

Cyrus was worried that Lynn might do something stupid.


Raj eventually broke down and confessed.

You were really annoyed with Carolyn.

I think I'll talk to her.


If the door doesn't fit, you might have to shave off a bit of the wood until it closes properly.

It is getting lighter outside.

The bus is full.


I don't consider this to be important.

If your feet get wet, you'll catch a cold.

Sorry I couldn't save you.


English is not easy for me.

Jwahar often speaks a little too loudly.

You can protect me.

We haven't been able to find out anything about Grandma and Grandpa.

I can tell you love Melinda.

I heard you talking to them.

How to deal with environmental pollution is a serious matter.

If you could go back to any age, what age would you choose?

I never got to meet him.

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I promise to leave them alone.

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I doubt Jeffie will tell us the truth.

How much is that?

Rudy handed Leif some pictures.

Sabotage was suspected.

He lives here.

Blaine told me he was headed home.

She takes pride in her daughter.


Ramanan asked Roy where John was.

I want to buy a Czech sweater.

He was from Texas or thereabout.

What did he say?

Maureen is at his desk writing something.

You've changed so much that I can hardly recognize you.

After a storm comes the calm.

Leads felt terribly out of place.

Suyog didn't live in Boston last year.


Are they worth it?

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You seem very happy this morning.

Have courage.

Don't get Myron's hopes up.

I used to tell Byron everything.

He's dirty minded.

He became thought of as the best lawyer in this city.

When I got out of jail, the first thing I wanted to do was to eat at my favorite restaurant.

I had to make a choice between Alex and Lievaart.

Are you sure you don't want some juice?

This girl looks boyish.

This is a man.

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Ima shouldn't be paid.

However, I think that before making the decision to arrange an international wedding, one should weigh the considerations for and against, and be prepared for the additional challenges that generally occur in the lives of the family members.

Ricky kicks a football with his left foot, but writes with his right hand.


He's proud of his good grades.

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Those hours that with gentle work did frame the lovely gaze where every eye does dwell will play the tyrants to the very same and that unfair which fairly does excel.

They stopped three minutes later.

Why are we sitting here?

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I thought I'd worry about that later.

They liked to play in the snow.

I've only been waiting for five minutes.

I haven't met them yet.

I don't believe the two of you.

We've no time.

Comparison is the mother of violence.

He seems well acquainted with the history of Japan.

This house is uninhabitable.

Don't you know who I am?

I want to be in your life again.

I'll tell Edgar to meet you there.

Krzysztof can't decide which camera to buy.

I wish I'd been here three hours ago.

He started shaking in fear.

I assume that Oscar and Stu will get married.

I'll go when I'm ready.


I like to do things on my own.

What's that thing called?

We ate.

I'm not telling you to do this for me.

I got thirsty.

Kate wants to work in Italy, so she's learning Italian.

We were apprehensive.

Silver chloride is not completely water-soluble.

Always borrow money from a pessimist; he doesn't expect to be paid back.

We're the problem.

Lunar eclipses can be total or partial.


Let Mwa come aboard.

I'm excited to see what Klaudia does.

He was working hard on the field last night.

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Maybe we should go to Boston next summer.

I see they've given you a promotion.

Stanley said he is not interested in 3D girls.


The gap between the haves and the have nots is widening.


I tried Buddhist meditation once, but I fell asleep halfway through the session.

I've never kissed her.

I can do that.


We thought that you would not come because of your commitments.

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I'm sure you'll wait.

Francis wasn't sleepy.

Divide this line segment into twenty equal parts.