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Open Source Media Framework
Simplify the development of robust media players by leveraging OSMF. Users can leverage features within Flash Media Server or external services like advertising and analytics easily with faster turnarounds. Sample players are also available.
Tools to prepare your videos for HTTP Dynamic Streaming and deployment.
Use this command-line tool to ensure your video files are compatible to stream with FMS. Use it as is, or as part of an automated script.
Monitor FMS using this command-line tool. Integrate this tool into your monitoring software and maintain higher availability.
DVRCast Application
Deploy this application to enable DVR functionality for RTMP streaming.
Use this application to make it easy to set up and deliver multicast broadcasts.
Flash Media Server 4 Whitepaper
Everything you need to know about Flash Media Server 4.
HTTP Dynamic Streaming Whitepaper
Everything you need to know about streaming live and recorded video over HTTP.
Calculating Bandwidth
Learn how to calculate how much bandwidth you need to stream video.
Performance and Capacity
Learn what Flash Media Server can do, and how much media you can deliver with performance charts and testing methods.
Large Scale Deployments
Learn how to configure Flash Media Server for large-scale enterprise deployments.
Security: Server Hardening Guide
Learn how to deploy your Flash Media Server safely and securely.
Flash Media Interactive Server Feature Explorer
Enhance your video project with the interactive features of Flash Media Interactive Server. Download and install this AIR application to see how FMS can help engage your audience longer.
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P2P / RTMFP Technology
Transition Guide for Windows Media Users
Streaming Recorded Video
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Knowledge Base
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Flash Media Interactive Server
Adobe® Flash® Media Interactive Server lets you increase your streaming capacity with flexible delivery methods including IP Multicast, Unicast and HTTP Dynamic Streaming while adding rich real-time interactive experiences.
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Flash Media Server on Amazon EC2
Scalable server deployment made easy - launch instances of Flash Media Server on Amazon EC2 with a pre-configured Amazon Machine Image (AMI).
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Flash Media Streaming Server
Adobe® Flash® Media Streaming Server enables you to start streaming quickly and easily by protecting your high quality media within your business.
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Flash Media Live Encoder
Adobe® Flash® Media Live Encoder lets you capture and stream your live video content with high quality H264 or VP6 encoding for both Mac and PC.
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Flash Media Enterprise Server Adobe® Flash® Media Enterprise Server helps to reduce your bandwidth and deployment costs while enabling real time multi-user applications using RTMFP functionality, enterprise-level Multicast Fusion and delivering video online using Peer Assisted Networking.
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Adobe Flash Access
Protect your valuable content and create new business models for your media.
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