I wanted to be there.

Open your mouth wide.

Maybe you ought to talk to Stephanie.

I cannot bear it any longer.

Several party leaders met in private.

I've let him down.

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Your best friend's girlfriend is as big as a whale.

Look at this!

Bill brought me this book.

Her face was drenched with sweat.

Making love when you have kids at home can become a difficult undertaking.

The bad weather delayed the plane for two hours.

I haven't seen her since last month.

Jerome went back to watching TV.

These are my books, those are his.

I can't read these instructions.

He had an operation on his left leg.


I'm jealous of Mickey.


I'm tired of listening to your bragging.

I gave him Monday off.

Saad asked the janitor to open the door to the auditorium.

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He has a beard, and therefore he doesn't need to shave.

You know, I might just do that.

He is playing in his room.

When Knudsen's friends were over at his place for an evening of videos, the whole place smelled of his delicious home-cooked potato chips.

It isn't a prophecy.


I wish we had more people to choose from.

In general, men run faster than women.

Why would they think that?


Mariana is going home now with Susana's mother.

I thought we could stay here all day.

I don't think Dawn will want your old bicycle.

Debi has been a good father to me.

We're the only ones here who know Urs.

The gang agreed to release Ric for a ransom of $100,000.

What books did you get?

I know you didn't hurt Amir.

If you don't like the situation the way it is, do something about it.

He's a comedian.

We've already had a family commitment.

He was smiling as if nothing had happened to him.

I am amused by the idea of commanding by saying "Be a snail!".


Can you tell them I'm not in?

You're making him nervous.

You only gave me fifty cents.

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Randolph's body was found in a swamp.

I am massaging my foot.

If you do not think about your future, you cannot have one.

Where in Canada are you from?

Jenine isn't as good-looking as his brother.


There is no doubt that people prefer peace to war.

"Do you want this orange?" "No, I don't want any orange at all."

Rakhal wants to buy some books.

Before we wrap up, let's take some questions from the audience.

Don't bring your dog with you.

I'm glad you brought that up.

I have one brother.

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The orchestra began to play.

Give me some water, and make it quick!

This is just too big for one person to carry.

I'm having fun watching the children playing.

I only did what I had to do.

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The sun descended behind the mountains.

Barton wanted to go, but he had lots of things to do.

He can do better.


Le Mur des "Je t'aime" (The "I Love You" Wall) in Paris, features the words "I love you" written 311 times in 250 different languages.

I don't have any energy.

They say that many Buddhist monks have exceptional abilities like levitation, abandoning the body and later returning to it at will.

He got married at 22.

Everybody sat down.

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Tonya likes jambol fruit.

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I think I am burning with fever.

This will do nicely.

She ignored her for the entire day.

Americans buy a lot of Japanese cars.

I almost didn't come home for Christmas.

She put a kettle on the gas.

Don't envy others for their good luck.

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I ate.

The show starts at 2:30.

Spock has made it clear that he wasn't interested.

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Which group do you want to join?

Above all, scientific terms call for precise definitions.

We have only one chance.

Without education, you will always feel poverty.

We'd better go help Elisabeth.

All good things come to he who waits.

I'll wait until October.

The actor is nowhere near as popular as he used to be.

I think you should speak a bit more slowly.

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If you jumbled "Tokyo", you could get "Kyoto".


Cary is beginning to lose his hair.


You should've apologized to Evan for what you did.

How much milk is there left?

Johan is dating someone at the hospital.

Smoking does much harm but no good.

He borrowed a large sum of money on the strength of expected income.

Which is more important, me or Tatoeba?

According to Juha, Arne has sold her car.


It was a poor choice of words under the circumstances.


I don't think it's right.

I can't discuss that with you.

If you want any money, I will lend you some.

Her son is sure to succeed.

I swear to God nothing happened!

I told Win it was his only option.

I don't have any time to watch TV.


From below, the house seemed very tall.

Please buy me the new Shakira CD.

Starbuck puts lots of sugar in his coffee.

She took her pencil and started to write.

To be allowed to drive you need a licence.


People don't trust the government.


The outcries of the angels go unheard by ordinary human ears.

Why has the birthrate declined so sharply?

I think this is a terrible idea.

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"Ryu, I can't seeee!" "Naturally, that's because I'm covering your eyes."

That game was rigged.

I'll help you as much as I can.

You're too old.

I have nothing to boast about.

How bad is Vijay hurt?

That child wants a friend to play with.


Go on, snigger.

Tell them about your trip.

I want you to get well.

Please kill the lights.

I just told her we're dating.

The work of Feuerbach is frequently referred to.

I planted roses in the garden.

You're going to need one.

I don't smoke anymore.


I like it black.

He's eating lunch now.

They sleep in separate bedrooms even though they're married.

On leaving school, he went to Africa.

Did you read the article?


I didn't realize you didn't know how to swim.

The Indians gave the settlers food.

Can I have some?

Please talk about your family.

And that cannot happen if we go back to the way things were.


Malus is a lazy person.

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I think you're an idiot.

Among human beings, the subjection of women is much more complete at a certain level of civilisation than it is among savages. And the subjection is always reinforced by morality.

Did it happen recently or much further back?

And Tony was the oldest.

What's going on out here?

Dan taught Matt the art of romance.

They are not merchants, but farmers.

The flood prevented me from crossing the river.

Not bad at all!

I don't see a good dog, but I do see a good horse.

I told the news to Brendan, not to Sharon.

It may take longer than we expected.

I'm glad Duke was OK.

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Jun cut Sheila's picture out of the magazine.


I'm not denouncing you.


Was that good or bad?

My opinion is the same as theirs.

The examinations will begin on Monday next week.


I'll never ever do that again.


You should only believe about half the things Charlene says.

This isn't my problem.

Dennis is a biologist.