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Each meeting is different, but the goal is the same—get their male founder husbands to take a substantial paternity leave in the hopes that their enthusiasm for the concept of embracing a work/life balance for parents will both help their own families and then trickle down to the rest of their company.

“We all know the limiting factor for women’s careers is motherhood,” says Ms. Henderson, who co-founded a consulting firm that runs work/family workshops for Silicon Valley companies. “So when men, especially male founders, show up for fatherhood, it helps to dismantle the old bro culture that believes families are lame and the single man reigns supreme.”



UPDATE: a Climb for Captives alumni is generously matching all funds raised in our 2018 climb up to $100,000. That, coupled with Vanessa and I’s match (up to $5,000) will multiply every dollar you give to accelerate Rescue:Freedom’s mission to end human trafficking around the world.  Support us here!

Many of you know about the injustice of human trafficking around the world and even in our own communities here in the US. In the summer of 2008, some friends and I decided to celebrate Independence Day a little differently by climbing Mt. Rainier in an effort to raise both awareness and funds to fight human trafficking. It became an annual campaign that we call Climb for Captives, and since then, we have raised over $850,000 to bring freedom to victims of human trafficking around the world.

The Climb For Captives team after summiting Mt. Rainier in 2013

Each year, we give 100% of the funds raised directly to our non-profit partner, 972-885-1655.  Vanessa, was even able to visit one of Rescue:Freedom’s Home of Hope in India in 2007, and see first hand the amazing work they do in rescuing and restoring children out of brothels.  You can learn more about Rescue:Freedom’s important work here.


The 2018 Campaign
This July, I’m coming out of retirement and our team is headed to climb this beast– Mt. Hood, the tallest peak in Oregon at 11,249 feet in altitude:

In the past ten years, we’ve raised $850,000 to fight trafficking around the world, and this summer, we will raise $150,000 to make it $1MM in ten years.


Who we climb for– several of the girls in a Home of Hope who have been rescued out of brothels

Every dollar donated goes to support Rescue:Freedom’s mission, and here’s a glimpse of what your support can accomplish together:

  • $38/month – Give one woman or child safe-housing for a month.
  • $167/month – Give one woman or child safe-housing and holistic care for a month.
  • $2,000 – Give one woman or child safe-housing and care for a year.
  • $5,000 – Provide a rescued girl with the opportunity to pursue a college education or vocational training.



  • If you have 30 SECONDS… Help us spread the word about the injustice of human trafficking by sharing this post and LIKING our Facebook page to raise awareness about our response.
  • If you have 3 MINUTES… Consider making a donation to Climb For Captives.  Vanessa and I are inviting our community to join us as we match up to $5,000 of donations to (408) 549-7194.
  • If you have 30 MINUTES… Lets grab coffee or schedule a call to talk more about this issue!

I deeply appreciate the support this community has brought me in this venture over the past ten years, and we look forward to continuing the fight against human trafficking with your continued encouragement, inspiration, and generosity.

To the summit!

co-founder @ climbforcaptives.com


Climb For Captives in the News
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